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Rolls-Royce Apparition is the future luxurious hot rod

Rolls Royce Apparition - front angled view 544px
(image credit: Jeremy Westerlund)

on the first look, the Apparition reminds me of the hot rods of the yesteryear but upon closer inspection, you will notice the driver is exposed to the elements while there’s a hint of an area for passengers to huddle at the rear. the Apparition is designed by Jeremy Westerlund, now a full-time designer, while he was studying at the Art Center school of design. the Rolls windshield-less design with an open-top cockpit reminisces the olden days carriages where the driver sits higher up at the front of the vehicle. Continue reading Rolls-Royce Apparition is the future luxurious hot rod

form flowing land-hover craft for 2053 is a beauty

Chase 2053 img1 544px
(image credit: Thomas Larsen Røed)

the concept of us flying for everyday short trips is kind of scary, so shall we just start with hovering instead? at least that what designer Thomas Larsen Røed has envisioned with his vehicle of the future, aptly named Chase 2053. it is a vehicle for the year 2053, which can be driven around as a normal car or as a hovercraft. i cannot imagine the curse from the pedestrian when the Chase 2053 hovers past them. the downward thrust could turn off anyone easily, not to mention the amount of dust it’s going to kick up. Continue reading form flowing land-hover craft for 2053 is a beauty

contact-less charging would be perfect for world of EV

HaloIPT Wireless Charging Sytem img1 544x311px
(image credit: HaloIPT)

our recent post on Blink Network of EV charging stations prompted us to wish for a wireless or contact-less charging alternative in the market. not that we own any of those EVs at this moment but the prospect of handling high current electricity scares us off (we are simply afraid of electricity except for those we use in the house). contact-less charging for small gadgets is already a reality, so why shouldn’t it be adapted for EV? our wish has been answered in the form of HaloIPT‘s Inductive Power Transfer or IPT. Continue reading contact-less charging would be perfect for world of EV

Hot Wheels cars now has a video camera and LCD

Mattel Hot Wheels Video Racers screenshot 544x311px
(credit: screenshot by Mike from YouTube video) Hot Wheels Video Racers | US$59.99 |

an age old toy finally gets a tech-boost to keep up with times. this upcoming 1/64 scale toy vehicle from Mattel, dubbed the Video Racers, comes with a built-in camera up front that is capable of capturing video at 30 to 60 frames per second (fps) and a miniature LCD display on its underbelly.

with the video cam, kids can review the loops and crazy crashes in the Hot Wheels vehicle perspective. it will come supplied with an USB cable to download the captured video to your computer for editing with an included special Hot Wheels video editor. there’s even a case to house the video racers, allowing it to be clip on your skateboard or helmet and do some outdoor adventure recording. it another word it doubles up as an action cam. sweet.

Mattel Hot Wheels Video Racers cost $69.90 a pop and will be available this Fall. check out the video after the jump.


ever thought of what you will be flying come 2025?

NASA Lockheed Martin 544x311px
(image credit: NASA/Lockhead Martin)

apparently, NASA wants to decide for you. sometime last year, NASA awarded contracts to three teams over at Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing to conceptualize a plane for 2025. of course, as you would have expected, NASA has some requirements for the teams to work on includes achieving air speed of 85 percent of the speed of sound, has a range of approximately 7,000 miles and carry between 50,000 to 100,000 pounds of payload. other goals include lesser noise, cleaner emission and lower fuel consumption than the current aircraft. Continue reading ever thought of what you will be flying come 2025?

a Titanium Oxide coated dress that purifies the air

Catalytic Clothing Herself img2 544px
(image credit: Catalytic Clothing)

we have been talking about how to conserve energy, reduce pollutions and congestions etc. it’s time to stop talking and get down to action. for ladies, here’s an experimental dress, dubbed ‘Herself’, that can literally purify the air while wearing it. designed in an evening gown style, ‘Herself’ textiles are sprayed with a concrete mixture containing titanium oxide and when exposed to the sunlight, the textile will absorbs airborne pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. apparently, if forty ladies donned in such dress in a 1-meter area is able to purify 2-meter of airspace. i don’t seems to get it. how to fit forty person in a 1-meter area? perhaps, not all at the same time? silly me.

‘Herself’ is part of a bigger project called Catalytic Clothing, which is a collaborative project between University of Sheffield, London College of Fashion and University of Ulster. Catalytic Clothing attempts to explore how clothing and textiles might be use to purify the air around us. excellent idea, but we would need some men’s clothing lines as well. as we men, also need an opportunity to clear the air around us.

images bar 150x67 Catalytic Clothing Herself img1 600px Catalytic Clothing Herself img2 600px Catalytic Clothing Herself img3 600px

via Discovery News

pre-order for retro-listic Fujifilm FinePix X100 is on

Fujifilm Finepix X100 544x311px
(image credit: Fujifilm) Fujifilm FinePix X100 | US$1,199.00 |

i’m not sure why would someone fork out $1,200 for a compact digital camera, other than for a DSLR but if you are one of those photography enthusiast with deep-pockets, then perhaps you can head on to ADORAMA to pre-order the retro-licious Fujifilm FinePix X100 compact digital camera. for the uninitiated, the Fujifilm FinePix X100 is a high-grade digital compact camera which features the firm newly developed Hybrid Viewfinder, an APS-C CMOS sensor with the Fujinon 23mm fixed focal length lens. designed for DSLR users who need a compact back-up camera when the bigger DSLR camera is not convenient to be used or simply for enthusiasts who demand quality pictures from a compact size digital camera. priced at $1,199, it is available for pre-order at ADORAMA now. Continue reading pre-order for retro-listic Fujifilm FinePix X100 is on

Samsung new Smart TV duo says goodbye to bezel

Samsung D8000 img1 544x311px
(image credit: Samsung) Samsung D8000 & D7000 | US$tbc |

when it comes to LCD TV, one of the thing that bothers me most is the bezel. although, bezel does nothing to the picture or audio quality but having a thick bezel is certainly not an aesthetically pleasing sight. unlike TV thickness, bezel is always seen. while we can’t have true bezel-less TV just yet, Samsung has taken a huge step closer in saying goodbye to those thick ugly bezel with the premier of two premium models, namely the D7000 and D8000 series Smart TV, spotting ultra slim bezels.

these models have bezels which is as thin as 0.2-inch (0.5-cm) with most part of the 0.2-inch are in fact clear plastic, making them virtually bezel-less. wow. i’m totally sold. aside from the awe-inspiring ultra thin bezels, both TVs are 3D capable and being a Smart TV means they will be web-capable and of course, DLNA certified. both models will be available this year, however no details on exact time frame and the pricing.

images bar 150x67 Samsung D8000 img1 600px Samsung D8000 img2 600px Samsung D8000 img3 600px
images bar 150x67 Samsung D7000 img1 600px Samsung D7000 img2 600px

meet the world’s first glasses-free eye-shuttering 3D

Glasses-free eye-shuttering 3D 544px
(credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

fancy watching 3D without glasses? before manufacturers make that a reality and at a less-than-ridiculous price, here’s an unorthodox solution as demonstrated by French director Francois Vogel. so how’s glasses-free eye-shuttering 3D even possible? well, simple. just bat your eyelids at super fast speed. can’t bat your eyelids fast enough? no worries. attach a pair of electrical devices to a person’s forehead, turn it on and the electrical current “excites” the wearer’s eyes thus shuttering the eyelids at a super fast speed.

check out the video after the jump. looks kind of torturing to me, though. it is definitely something that i will not and never do. just imagine having your eyelids batting at super fast speed for a full two hours. that is just so uncool. besides, along with the glasses-free, it will almost certain to be packaged with potentially harmful side effects. how’s that glasses-free for you?

via Crave

autonomous robot car available for purchase in Japan

ZMP Robot Electric Car 544px
(image credit: ZMP RoboCar MEV) ZMP Electric Robot Car | from ¥2.8 million

this is amazing. a real working autonomous robot car that money can buy. announced recently by ZMP – who are not new to electric robot car – this new generation single-seater robot car has a newly developed autonomous system. the ZMP Robot Electric car is capable of driving itself with the help from stereo camera, inertial measurement unit or IMU, speed sensor and of course, laser range finders. Continue reading autonomous robot car available for purchase in Japan