There’s No Porsche Design Mate RS But There Is The Huawei Mate60 RS Ultimate Design

Despite U.S. sanctions, Huawei seems to be making significant strides. For instance, the Hisilicon Kirin 9000S chipset powering the latest Mate60 Pro, Mate60 Pro+, Mate X5 folding phone, and the new MatePad Pro 13.2 is a noteworthy 5 nm chip, a discovery made by users through the latest HarmonyOS update. Apparently.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: You Can Use It To Livestream To Facebook And Instagram!

It’s been a couple of years since EssilorLuxottica’s Ray-Ban and Meta first teamed up to create the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Now, in September 2023, Meta is back with a follow-up called the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. These redesigned smart glasses offer enhanced audio and cameras, boasting over 150 customizable frame and lens combinations. They …

How To Recover From Bariatric Surgery: Top Things You Should Know

If you’re considering bariatric surgery as a method of weight loss, then the recovery process is probably one of the most important questions on your mind. Bariatric surgery is an effective option for people who are looking to quickly and safely lose large amounts of weight, but it comes at the cost of a rigorous …

Meta Quest 3, “World’s First Mass-Market Mixed Reality Headset”, Will Drop On October 10

I don’t see VR going mainstream, at least not in personal space like mobile phones and computers, or even gaming consoles do. We are far from Ready One Player. But that does not stop Meta (formerly Facebook) from continuing to push it.

Nissan Design Europe Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With An Urban Electric Concept Car Called 20-23

When we first encountered the Nissan Concept 20-23 last week, I had intended to gather the details and present them here. However, it turns out that the press material we received lacked technical specifics and was primarily filled with marketing-oriented design explanations. Nevertheless, here’s a brief overview of this incredibly charming sports car.

Denon PerL Pro and PerL TWS Earbuds: Personalized Sound Powered By Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Tech

These are the new Denon PerL Pro and PerL True Wireless Sound Earbuds, and they make no apology about their size. And we thought the thing that goes into ears and produces sound can’t go any larger than the original Pixel Buds. But the size of the new PerL series TWS is for good reasons.

Samsung x Thom Browne Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5: The Fold For Those Who Demand Fashion Statement

If you find the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 lacks of fashion sense is disturbing, then you odd to take a look at the Samsung x Thom Browne Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition marries sartorial style and high-tech gadget by putting the designer brand’s right on the phone cover. …

Honor V Purse Folding Smartphone Is Marketed As, Ermmm, Purse? And It’s The First Mid-range Folding Phone

Folding phone is expensive to produce. That plus the fact that not everyone wants one, are reasons why most brands have just one folding phone model a year and it usually is, if not always, a flagship. Not Honor, though. It has two folding phones this year. The second folding phone was revealed recently at …