Boris Phone Holder – holds your phone and its cable

Boris Phone Holder
(image: Mocha) Boris Phone Holder | £8.99 |

until the day when wireless charging becomes a norm, we will still have to live with charging cables snaking around our work desk. since snaking cables are an inevitable scenario, it makes sense to minimize the clutter associated with charging cables with something like the Boris Phone Holder. the Boris Phone Holder is designed in a shape of a hiker with a cradle on its back that holds your phone or mp3 player and this ‘hiker’ has his hands outstretched, holding the charging cable in his hands and through the base. instead of letting your charging cable settled randomly every time you remove your gadget from the cradle, Boris keeps them in place, ready for the next charge. what makes the Boris Phone Holder interesting is the man, sort of reminiscent a hiking man with a backpack (i.e. your gadget), pulling along a plane using a rope that’s represented by your gadget’s charging cable. such functional eye-candy can be yours for just £8.99 (about US$14). a few more images follows after the break.
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Mocha UK via Holycool

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