How To Make A Mini BBQ Grill

Miniature BBQ Grill May Not Be Practical, But It Sure Looks Like Fun

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious balcony or backyard. When you don’t have the aforementioned and still yearn for a good BBQ, what do you do? Well, easy. Just do what Mr Useful did: make yourself a mini BBQ grill. Now, to be clear, this DIY project is not exactly practical in the sense that grilling a pair of hot dogs at one time isn’t going to feed the army fast enough, but it sure looks like a hell lot of fun.

How To Make A Mini BBQ Grill

The main material you are going to need is a can, just any tin can which will be easy to cut into halves and also stand up to abuse of high heat. I think, preferably it should be one longer than a standard sausage length, so in that way you get to cook the entire hot dog including the ends. You will also need some screws, bolts, a miniature hinge, a miniature knob (or anything that be attached to the lid to act as a handle) and hard but bendable wire for the grill.

When you are done following Mr Useful’s instruction, all you need is some charcoals and a blow torch to get the fire going. After that, it is a matter of dropping two hot dogs on the grill and get cooking. I don’t normally every single shit that popped on my YouTube recommended videos, but this Mini BBQ looks like fun and novel enough to deserve a mention. Go ahead and have a look at the video embedded below.

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Images: YouTube.