Hublot F1™ King Power Interlagos Limited Edition

Hublot F1 King Power Interlagos Limited Edition
(photos: Hublot) Hublot F1™ King Power Interlagos Limited Edition | US$tba |

yet another Hublot King Power pays tribute to Formula One motor sport. this time, the King Power lives for the last leg of the Grand Prix this season held at the Sao Paulo circuit in Brazil. like the previous King Power Formula One edition, this particular fine example sports the national color of the country that the Grand Prix that it represents and this case, cobalt blue accents are found on the dial and the chronograph. even though blue isn’t my favorite color, i thought this was one of the most gorgeous F1 King Power to date. similarly, the Hublot F1™ King Power Interlagos features ceramic bezel with circular-grained satin finish with multiple holes that reminiscent of a high performance disc brake of the F1 race car, and the strap crafted from a combination of rubber and Nomex, a synthetic fiber that is known for its low combustibility and thermal stability, also a material that is used in creating the F1 drivers’ suit. other features common to the F1 King Power series include push-buttons for starting and resetting, spilt-seconds function and a 30-minute to 3-hour counter. only 250 pieces of this exquisite example will be made available worldwide. seriously, you got to be one heck of a filthy rich folks to own all of F1 King Power series.
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