iLaunch Thunder – high tech office warfare arsenal

Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder
(image: Dream Cheeky/Brando) iLauncher Thunder | US$99.99 |

toy gadgets that will allow you to engage in an office cubical warfare are not new but one that uses your iDevice as the launch control is something that makes us sit up and take notice. unlike the standard USB equipped foam missile launcher, the iLaunch Thunder connects to your iDevice wirelessly via Bluetooth and from your iDevice, you are able to maneuver the iLaunch through its 270deg of horizontal rotation, and more than 40deg of vertical movement. once you are ready to engage, just tap or shake your iDevice for the launch command that will send the foam dart up to 25-feet of range – a range that should be ample if you are working in an office without high cubicles. speaking of which, I hope they’d come out with a mortar system that will fire over high partitions or perhaps, incorporating a view cam for a more realistic aiming effect. regardless, the iLaunch Thunder should be quite a fun desktop toy for both serious office warfare or some stress relieve target practice. however, such office arsenal doesn’t come cheap, so if you want one, then be prepared to shell out $96.90 for it. still not convinced why you should splurging 100 bucks on such an office arsenal? the rocket past the jump for a few more images and a video of it in action.
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Brandon via Red Ferret

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