Lomography Spinner 360° Leather Edition

Lomography Spinner 360° Leather Edition
(photos: Lomography) Lomography Spinner 360° Leather Edition }US$149.00 | www.lomography.com

we can’t have 360° vision but that doesn’t mean we can’t photographs in that all-round perspective. i am sure Lomography fans have heard of the Spinner 360° that offers just such amazing photography experience. nothing new indeed but not if this lovely analog contraption now comes wrapped in Italian Toledo leather for the added glamor and class when you do your sweeping analog shots. under the hood, it still delivers the same fun panoramic photography as the original Spinner 360°: simply pull the ripcord and let the Spinner 360° spins, taking in eight sweeping shots on any 35mm film. no stitching, no complicated software or whatsoever to fiddle with – it is just plain fun analog panoramic photography in a classier chassis. however, whether a leather wrap treatment justifies a $50 premium (at $149) over the standard version, is entirely up to individual. personally, i’d prefer the original black but the style side of me says otherwise. a few more images are available after the break for your viewing pleasure, and probably some self-struggling decision making process.
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