Steampunk Star Wars AT-AT Is Probably Not Going To Be Practical, But A Sight To Behold Nonetheless

AT-AT is a monster machine in the Star Wars universe, but it is freaking cumbersome and slow, and faces threat from relatively tiny, cable-towing Snowspeeders. however, that doesn’t make it any less cool and it won’t stop LEGO builder Markus1984 from recreating it in LEGO, in steampunk guise, which completely blow our mind. just look […]

LEGO Lightsabers Hits 10K Supports, We Sure Hope The Force Is With The Duo

if there is one thing missing from LEGO’s comprehensive Star Wars collection, it would be Lightsabers, well, the Lightsaber hilts to be exact. submitted to LEGO Ideas (formerly Cuusoo) by LEGO builder scott34567, this ‘life-size’ hilts are none other than Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s, as used in the Return of the Jedi. well, the good […]

Luxe-up Star Wars – V3PO Louis Vuitton and Coco Vader

New York-based photographer Dale May, who is best known for his commercial photography of celebrity portraits and print ads, has taken a slightly different route this time round with the…


Posable Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Will Keep Your Desk Away From The Dark Side

Millennium Falcon. It turns out that the drive unit of the hunk of junk that made Kessel Run in 12 parsecs makes for a pretty impressive lighting. But not everyone is is capable of making the LEGO 75192 UCS Star Wars Millennium Falcon “pull the Gs” and putting out some a spectacular light show from […]

Teenager Paid $800,000 For A Bunch Of Supreme Skate Decks In An Auction

If, after reading the headline, you are asking what the hell are you doing with your life, well, you are not alone. I was asking myself the same. Why am still here furiously typing on an aging MacBook Pro on an aging Apple Wireless Keyboard and look an aging Apple Cinema Display for a paltry […]