The Re-Ply Chair

ardboard-based furniture is nothing new but most of them are merely for light duty use and honestly, though they are 100% recyclable, the product itself start its life as brand new cardboard, which we didn’t help very much in terms eco-friendliness but not with The Re-Ply Chair you see here. apart from its triangular base, the entire shell is made out of upcycled cardboard…

Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Kit

when we think lo-fi analog photography, we think Lomography or Holga. that’s no brainer, however, if you are ready take your love for lo-fi, analog photography a notch higher, then the Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Kit is the perfect camera for you. like any good old twin-lens reflex camera, you shoot from your hip while looking down

this is a real working DIY Hasselblad pinhole camera

if you think there’s something odd about the camera featured here, you are right. what you see here is a real working 120-mm film pinhole camera made out of screen-printed corrugated cardboard – in a Hasselblad design. pretty sleek, eh? check out a couple of photos taken by this Hasselblad pinhole camera after the break.