These Pokémon Cupcakes Are So ‘Realistic’, You Won’t Bear To Eat Them

Is Pokémon still a thing now? Yes? Ok, good, then I am guessing Pokémon fans will be digging these super cute Pokémon-inspired Cupcakes by Singapore-based One Third Pastries. “Pokémon-inspired” sure aren’t new and you probably see more of them of late – thanks to the resurgence of its popularity brought about by Niantic’s Pokémon Go […]

Chinese Traditional Mooncakes Get The Star Wars Treatment

If Darth Vader or any of the rebels were Chinese, they could be munching on some Star Wars Mooncakes come this September 15 when celebrating the annual mid-autumn festival. For the uninitiated, mid-autumn festival, which is sometimes called mooncake festival, are celebrated by several countries in Asia and South East Asia, and it usually involves […]

Japanese Confectionery Student Created A Highly Detailed, Edible Gamera Cake

At a glance at this detailed Gamera may lead you into thinking that it is a collectible figure. Well, it is not. As it turns out, this is actually a cake. I repeat. This is a confectionery which you can eat. Created by a Otemae College of Confectionery student by the name of Shoya Okamoto, […]

Would You Bear To Take A Slice Of This Highly Realistic AT-AT Cake?

Talked about taking the cake, this AT-AT Cake created by East Manchester-based one-man-operation (or should we say, one-woman-operation) cake outfit, New Adventure In Cake should really take the cake when it comes to edible Star Wars stuff. Yup. This AT-AT is a cake and apparently (and much to our dismay) it has been sliced and […]

PancakeBot Will Print Edible Pancake in Any Shape You Desire

For everyone who thinks that round, flat pancake is totally uninspiring, PancakeBot may just be right up your alley. Remember how your mum told you not to play with food when you were a kid? Well, in the case of the world’s first pancake printer, it beckons you to play with it, quite literally. Like […]

Dissected Ralph Wiggum Cake Looks Morbidly Delicious. What???

At the first glance, this dissected Ralph Wiggum looks like an illustration that you may see coming from illustrator Jason Freeny, but it is not. It is an incredibly realistic 3D cake. What??? As unbelievable as it is, this is really a cake featuring Ralph Wiggum, son of Police Chief Wiggum from the longest-running American […]

Will This Pizza Cake Be The Pizza Game Changer?

innovation is hardly a term that applies to food, much less pizza, but that’s exactly what Boston Pizza wants to achieve with its Pizza Game Changers campaign. the pizza chain is inviting Canadian fans to vote on their “latest innovations” and the most ‘backed’ innovations will be made. the list of innovations put up includes […]

Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker

who doesn’t love a good slab of waffle in the morning? the problem is, a slab of waffle could be one waffle too big for some with a humble stomach. this is where the Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker can help. with it, you can now consume this golden brown breakfast favorite in bite size without jamming your stomach or if not for breakfast, they could also be delightful snacks…

Ösa Is An Electric Off-road Motorbike That Can Be Configured Into A Mobile Workshop If Desired

Think electric motorcycles, most people would think regular motorcycles with electric drive, or radical designs like those from, say, Curtiss Motorcycle. Ösa Electric Off-road Motorbike from Cake 0 Emission AB sits somewhere in between the two and that’s good enough reason to have our attention.

LEGO 3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3D Graphics Card Is Fun, But It Probably Won’t Be A Real Set

What you see here is the LEGO 3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3D Accelerator Card, aka Graphics Card, by LEGO Ideas member Bhaal_Spawn. It is one of those reasonable supported LEGO Ideas submission and you know it is totally cool, but at the end of the day, you know that it won’t ever make it as an […]