EcoZoom Zoom Dura Cookstove Keeps Its Cool So You Don’t Get Burn When Cooking

there are cookstove and there are cookstove that is conscious about the environment, and the EcoZoom Zoom Dura Cookstove is a beautiful example of the latter. it is fueled by wood and other dry solid biomass you scavenged from around the wilderness and it has a refractory metal lined burning chamber that is resistant to […]

WokMon Brings ‘Breath Of The Wok’ To Your Home Cooking

when it comes to whipping up Chinese gastronomical delights, wok is an indispensable cookware for any chef, but if you are trying to replicate your local Chinese restaurant stir-fry cooking, we’d say good luck to you because typical home stove is not going to cut it. before proceeding, we have to understand the concept of […]

ARCHOS ChefPad – Android Tablet for Cooking Enthusiasts

impressed by the made-for-kitchen tablet, but its Linux platform isn’t quite the cup of tea for the Android user in you? then ARCHOS has an alternative for you: the ARCHOS ChefPad, an Android tablet designed specifically with cooking enthusiasts in mind. its designed-for-kitchen features

The Complete Work And Online Study Guide For Those In Healthcare

It isn’t easy to work while studying, no matter how many concessions are made. Night school is tiring and takes time and energy to get to and from that you sometimes don’t have. Taking time off of work is often impossible. This is the standard across the board, but it’s actually harder for those who […]