India’s Nova Starke Gave PS4 Slim A Coat Of Nostalgic Gray

Although life goes on for hardcore Playstation fans who missed out on the opportunity to own a 20th anniversary retro colorway Playstation 4, the stinging soreness of missing out the limited sale, or winning one, remains, and let me tell you this as a big Playstation fan: the feeling sucks. The soreness will be forever […]

Razer Wants To Sell You Officially Licensed ‘Pro’ Controllers For PS4

Razer is coming to Playstation 4 and while the gaming hardware company is no stranger in making peripherals compatible with Playstation, the Razer Raiju marks the first officially licensed PS4 game controller which Sony Playstation Europe described as a ‘close collaboration’ between the Japanese game console maker and the gaming hardware maker. In the development […]

Massively Multiplayer Online Game World Of Tanks Is Now Free On PS4

Good news, fans of World of Tanks. The MMOG is now available on Sony Playstation 4 and the best part is, it is free. Yup. You heard that right, free. The game developer Wargaming promised there will be no pay walls, no pay to win, just sweet, sweet tanks hurling shells and blowing each other […]

Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4 Adds ‘Keyboard’ and Mouse to Your PS4

To be honest, when it comes to first-person shooters (FPS), I am not all for keyboard and mouse combo, but if you think otherwise and owns a Playstation 4, then Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4 may be just the peripheral you have been looking for. Officially licensed by Sony, the product is an update to […]

Colorware’s $300 a Piece 24K Gold Plated Game Controllers Sold Out in Matter of Days

Colorware made its name dishing out custom paint jobs for gadgets, where they are known to spice up those otherwise boring gadgets with brilliant colors of your choosing. That said, we certainly did not expect them to turn out 24K gold-plated examples, but did anyhow and the gadget or gadgets of choice that Colorway chose […]

PS4 20th Anniversary Edition is a Sell Out, But Colette Paris Will Have 500 Units for In-store Purchase

December 3, 1994 was a significant day in the history of gaming. It was the day and year of the launch of the original Playstation which yours truly happened to had one. Man, am I that old already? 20 years on, the world famous, if not the most iconic game console, has heralded four generations […]

Colorware Playstation 4

if you are getting too involved in your Playstation, then you might want to take your man-console relationship to the next level by giving it a customized look. while there are yet to have a diorama-covered example (which we doubt would be practical due the heat dissipation issue, btw), color customization offered by Colorware would…

Sony Playstation 4

after showing off what’s under the hood of the next-gen Playstation console back in February that left us dying to know what the new Playstation 4 hardware will looks like, Sony has finally unveiled the device at this year’s E3 Expo. after seeing the official product images, we have one question in mind: are sharp edges the new trend in gadget design?

Sony Xperia 5 Unveiled, It Is Essentially The Xperia 1 In A Tighter More Pocketable Package

Now that Sony Mobile has pulled itself out of certain markets, any Sony Mobile that comes along feels like a connoisseur stuff. Speaking of which, it has been a while since we last heard from Sony’s mobile arm and today, or more correctly, yesterday, we hear about the new Sony Xperia 5.