Mophie Powerstation XL

get rid of all those puny portable batteries and score yourself one of this big bad ass Mophie Powerstation XL that packs an insane 12,000 mAh under the hood and capable of pumping up two tablets with electrons to the brim, simultaneously and yes, it has two USB to do the job. of course, it can also be used to charge up virtually any

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation in White

kudos to Apple for letting white into the gadget world and as far as we can recall, soon after, almost every handsets that turn out in the market has the option of white but one thing is still missing: most juice packs are still in black and that doesn’t really go very well with your pretty white & silver iPhone 5, does it? but fret not, cos’ our favorite juice pack specialist has finally…

Xos Trucks Launches Xos Hub Mobile Charging Station For EVs

Xos Trucks (formerly Thor Trucks), maker of electric armored trucks and electric semi-trucks, recently launched a new service called Xos Hub. Xos Hub is a mobile charging station for EVs which is essentially a power bank of sort for electric trucks.

As More And More Electric Cars Are Arriving, What Is The Future Of Gas-powered Engines?

The future of the automobile is electric! – We’ve all read and used that phrase quite a lot of times. But now is the right time to get out and buy and drive an EV. With rising gas prices, polluted environment, and huge subsidies on electric cars, it only makes sense to buy an EV. …

Whisky Power: Glenfiddich Launches Trucks Powered By Fuel Made From Whisky Waste

Many big companies are exploring ways to be more sustainable. Some businesses like LEGO and Bandai Spirits are or will be using plastic alternatives while others developed sustainable paper material or turning plastic waste into useful building materials.

New Bluetti Home Backup Power Is The Goliath Of Backup Power

I am sure we know how useful a backup power is. Oh, you don’t? Well, just as the Texans. If you rather be prepared for any future outages (knock on wood!), then you will want a device like the Bluetti EP500 and EP500Pro Home Backup Power.

Meet Samsung JetBot 90 AI+, The World’s First Smart Robot Vacuum Powered By Intel AI

Some robot vacuums have claimed to be powered by AI, but the Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the first in the world’s to be powered by a big name in artificial intelligence, Intel.

Sony PlayStation 5 Will Arrive In November With A Starting Price Of US$399

While Sony’s next-generation video game console, the PlayStation 5, broke cover months ahead of its rival (that’s the Xbox Series X), the company did not reveal the price nor the availability. That changes earlier today when it gave us the numbers (and a date).