Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation in White

kudos to Apple for letting white into the gadget world and as far as we can recall, soon after, almost every handsets that turn out in the market has the option of white but one thing is still missing: most juice packs are still in black and that doesn’t really go very well with your pretty white & silver iPhone 5, does it? but fret not, cos’ our favorite juice pack specialist has finally…

SwitchBot S10 Robot Vacuum Has The World’s 1st Plumbing Connected Water Refill Station

One of the “perks” of a robot vacuum is that you can pretty much set it up at any corner of your choosing as long there is an outlet. But there is an upcoming robot vacuum that does not offer that kind of freedom of placement as far as the dock goes and it is …

Meet AOHi Starship, The World’s Most Powerful 2-in-1 40,000 mAh Power Bank

I am sure you are familiar with a charging station, or power hub. It lets you charge multiple USB-powered gadgets with a single charging device. I am also sure you are familiar with a power bank. Now, imagine these two things rolled into one and you get a 2-in-1.

The World’s Most Powerful Car From 1977, Powered By A Spitfire Engine, Is Going On The Block

750 bhp is not a rare power output in automobiles these days. Supercars and hypercars regularly achieve this output or even more. However, 27L (!) is not the usual capacity you find in a regular engine. 27,000cc is exactly the capacity of the engine powering 1972 John Dodd’s The Beast you see here.

My Arcade Atari Gamestation Plus: Your Favorite Atari Games In On Sleek, Modern Console

Who’s down for some good old retro Atari games in a console with an updated look? I know. The Atari VCS already had that going but I am talking about an entirely new look that you wouldn’t recognize that it is an Atari console. No wooden slats or anything like that. Well, if you do, …

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