Boston Dynamics’ Robotic Dog, Spot, Can Finally Lend You A Hand

When Boston Dynamics finally put up its robotic dog, Spot, on sale, it is relegated for inspection and patrol duties. The ability to manipulate objects, including opening of doors, seen in 2018 was never introduced. Well, that was until last week.

AlphaDog Is A Robotic Dog That Costs 12 Times Less Than Boston Dynamics Spot

It is a good thing that Boston Dynamics Spot is available now, albeit only for businesses. Because, there are more competitions joining the party. In addition to the Unitree A1 robot dog, there is the Weilan AlphaDog.

Meet Beetl, An Autonomous Robot That Goes Around Your Yard To Scoop Up Dog Poops

We have seen robots that sweep and mop, mow the lawn, clean windows and pools, and if Beetl Robotics have their way, we will be able to add dog poop scooping to the list. Yes. A poop-scooping robot.

Jeff Bezos Tweeted A Picture Of Himself Walking A Robotic Dog

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, tweeted an image of him walking a robotic dog with a comment “taking my new dog for a walk at the MARS2018 conference.” If you don’t already know, the robot dog is the same famous nightmare-inducing, robotic canine, SpotMini, that has been seen opening door to let itself out. …

Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robotic Dog Now Knows How To Open Doors

Just when we thought Boston Dynamics had made SpotMini robotic dog a little less creepy, the team gave its hand back and enabled it with the ability to open doors. Wait, what? Yes. Dear little SpotMini now can let itself out, or in, and that’s kind of creepy. If you think it is not creepy, …

We Are Glad To Say The Boston Dynamics Updated SpotMini Robotic Dog Is Less Creepier Now

Remember the now Softbank-owned Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini? The nightmare-inducing robotic dog designed for home and office environments? Of course you do. Who can forget that creepy thing, right? Well, apparently, it has got an update and we are glad to say that the new SpotMini is now a lot less creepy than when we first …

Boston Dynamics Developed an Agile and Lightweight Robotic Dog That Won’t Fall Over When Kicked

I am sure you remember Wildcat, the cheetah-like robotic creature that can gallop at a pretty nightmarish 16 mph. Well, if you don’t already know, Boston Dynamics is the outfit responsible for that mechanized creature, plus a slew of other robotic developments. “Spot”, a four-legged self-balancing robot you see here is one of the newer …

You Can Build Your Own Four-Legged Robot For Around $600-$900

Don’t need to be envious of Adam Savage because, he has robotic dog Spot to ‘play’ with. While we don’t know how much exactly it costs, we read that it costs “less than a car,” which translates to “very expensive.”