Someone Made A Jabba the Hutt Figure With Visible Anatomy And It Is Awesome

Many people are into Star Wars. But someone who specifically have a thing for the notorious Jabba the Hut from the original Star Wars trilogy? That has to be very, very rare. Mighty Jabba (@mightyjabbascollection) is one such rare person.

Artist Jason Freeny Shows You How To Sculpt A Plunger Monster

Mention the name Jason Freeny, anatomical cutaway figures are probably the first things to pop up in most people’s mind. But in reality, Freeny is more than a cutaway figures person. He’s a sculptor too, creates other characters that does not have their innards semi exposed.

Herman Miller Special Gaming Edition Chairs Because, Aeron And Sayl Are Just As Good For Gaming

Anyone who is in the market for an upmarket gaming chair will be glad to know that the purveyor of high-end office furniture and equipment, Herman Miller, has more than Embody to offer.

Japanese Artist Turns Rubber Duckies Into Action Figure It Is, Frankly, A Tad Disturbing

Japanese papercraft artist behind Kami-Robo, Tomohiro Yasui, also make original action figures. His latest non-papercraft creation, Rubber Ducky action figure, have left us mildly disturbed and amazed at the same time.

Casio PRO TREK Smart Finally Gets Heart Rate Monitor With The New WSD-F21HR

When Casio introduced PRO TREK with offline maps, it was a god sent for trekkers, but it is lacking one key feature modern active wearables has: heart rate monitor. Well, the good news is, that changes today when Casio announced the new PRO TREK WSD-F21HR. It is the first PRO TREK Smart to be outfitted …

Everyone Is Making A Hoverbike, But Hoversurf Is Ready To Sell You One

After revealing its Hoverbike to the world last year, Hoversurf’s flying motorbike was quickly inducted into Dubai Police Department. Fast forward to today, the company is taking pre-orders for what it called Hoverbike S3 2019 Limited Edition in the U.S. And the asking price? A grand $150,000 net. For that princely sum, you will get …

In Thailand, Realistic-looking Giant Cockroach Plush Toy Is A Thing

Cockroach is not even remotely close to being adorable. In fact, it is one insect that is being frown upon by nearly all humans, but that does not stop one store in Thailand from selling plush toys of giant roaches that even has a rather endearing name, ‘Peter the Cockroach’, to boot. If the looks …

NACHOsaurus Is A Fitting Nachos Holder Because, Stegosaurus

Dino fans with a taste for nachos, or any snack for that matter, will not want to eat nachos out of a regular glass bowl, or foil packaging. You will want the Barbuzzo NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set, why? Because, Stegosaurus. When empty, it appears to be a Stegosaurus with a serious fin (anatomically …

A Different Kind Of War Rages In The Bedroom With These Avengers Sex Toys

As the war rages in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, there is another war brewing inside the bedroom (or anywhere, basically, if you have that kind of fetish). You must asking “what has Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie have to with the bedroom?” Well, nothing, really, but that’s until Australia sex toys maker, Geeky Sex Toys, comes …

Meet Morris, A Fish Plush Toy That You Can Turn Inside Out To See Its Innards

Plush toys of animals are often cute and cuddly. Beyond that, they are just, well, plush toys. There’s really nothing much to explore beyond what it has on the outside, but that’s not case with Morris. Morris, named after the deceased gold fishes of creator and multidisciplinary artist Rachel Ciavarella, is a fish plush toy …