Luxury Survival Condo: Post Nuclear Apocalypse Luxury Living. What???

In the event of, God forbid, a nuclear apocalypse, most people would be gravely concern about basic survival, but for some elite few, life is probably still about what movie to watch, whether to swim or hit the gym, because they will be snugging cosily in their impregnable underground fortress which was once an Atlas […]

Little Maddie Designer Figure Is My Little Pony With an Apocalypse Twist

as much as we love reminiscing about toys of the bygone era like M.A.S.K., He-man and even Barbie and Ken to some extend, it is always good to know that today’s toy designers are willing to take bold steps and steer away from the macho and the cute. if Nickolay can score with an average […]

Tactical Lunch Kit Is The Appropriate Lunchbag For War or Zombie Apocalypse

though it might not be practically applicable to most of us, but having something that we use frequently in ‘tactical’ form seems like a very man thing to do. we have seen numerous tactical rendition of otherwise regular objects, including writing instruments, shot glass, ATV, flashlights, lamp and even BBQ apron – just to name […]

Lansky T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit

so the Mayans were wrong and the supposed apocalypse date are behind us now, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared (and so your million-dollar bunker is still useful. not to worry). though you might want to focus on real survival gear rather than one that specializes in cutting down the walking dead and for that, you

Thank You YouTube Algorithm For Showing Me This Wonderful Custom Rally Miata!

If weren’t for YouTube’s god-knows-how-the-heck-it-worked algorithms, I wouldn’t have discovered this wonderful gem, a custom ride by YouTuber Gingium, albeit it being more than a year late (it was a 2018 video, btw).

Believe It Or Not, There’s Actually Night Light Made From Real Bread

I never thought I would ever describe a night light as ‘delicious looking’. Like, ever. But then the Bread Night Light comes along. Available in a selection of delectable bread/pastry design, including croissant, cross, rugby and stick, these night lights are made from real flour. Because they are made of real flour, I’d think you […]

Oppo’s ‘World’s First’ Under Display Selfie Camera Previewed In Shanghai

For a person who hated bezel and notch, this is possibly the best news I have heard all day. At the Mobile World Congress 2019 Shanghai on June 26, Oppo has officially unveiled its under display selfie camera technology which it calls Under-Screen Camera (USC).

Made By Google Teases Pixel 4 Photo, Confirming A Disturbing Design

It is still months away from the revealing of the much anticipated (or not) fourth-generation Google Pixel phone, but already, the Internet is jam packed with speculations, rumors and leaks that led to a supposedly accurate render of what Google Pixel 4 will look like. Well, as it turns out, the last Google Pixel 4 […]