3DRudder Lets Your Feet Get Involved In Your Playstation VR Gaming

If you find a pair of hands aren’t enough to handle some Playstation VR games, then perhaps, 3DRudder can be of an assistant. 3DRudder is a foot motion controller for Playstation VR lets your feet get involved in compatible games. By simply tilting 3DRudder with your feet in the direction want to move, it allows […]

Playstation Now PC Streaming Kicks Off, Offers 7-Day Free Trial

Good news, non-Playstation users and avid PC gaming enthusiasts, August 30 marks the day when you will have even more games to play – thanks to the announcement of Playstation Now PC streaming availability. With the Playstation Now subscription, which cost $99.99 for a 12-month period, you will have access to over 400 PS3 games, […]

Project Morpheus Head Mounted Display

if you ask me, first person games are considered very immersive. at least, we know we often get lost inside the game and couldn’t care less about what’s the happening around us. however, to President of SCE Worldwide Studios, Shu Yoshida, FPS is good but could be made better if virtually reality is in the mix, and hence…

Squeezable Playstation Controller Takes The Stress Out Of Gaming

Are you guilty of hurling your Playstation DualShock controller across the room for losing a game? Well, if you are, clearly you are a little too stress, but perhaps for the wrong reason. Regardless, a stress is a stress and for that, you will need this: Playstation Stress Controller by Paladone. It is a stress […]

Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is The Future Of Toys: Fighting Biped Robots

In Japan and apparently, Taiwan, robots that actually looked like robots and also fight are already a thing. Many Japanese/Taiwanese hobbyists have indulged in this high-tech ‘sports’ of fighting robot for several years and now, thanks to a Taiwanese company, Limitless IQ, the rest of the world can get to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping metal-clashing sport […]

Paul George’s 2nd Nike Shoes Is Playstation-themed, Has Light Up Logo

As it turns out, Paul George considered himself as quite a big of a fan of video gaming and so, for this second collaboration with Nike, he and designer Tom Hardy has infused video gaming theme into the kicks by the way of Playstation them – with the blessing from Sony, of course. Now, being […]

The Future Is Here: Bandit9 L.Concept And Ava Custom Motorcycles

There are motorcycles and then there’s Bandit9. If you have the love for the unconventional and dig two-wheelers, then Bandit9 L.Concept and Ava could be good fit for you. Inheriting the design cues from the Bishop and EVE, the duo bears a striking retro-futuristic look that could only have come from sci-fi movies, or maybe […]

HandyCase Will Turn Your iOS Device into a Transparent Gaming Device

If you think about it, Sony’s idea of a rear touchpad on its DualShock controller is actually pretty brilliant as it lets you use all your digits in gaming – something which we can’t do when playing games on our smartphone and tablet. But that was then. Now, a Mountain View-based startup, HandScape, wants to […]

You Can Crouch, Kneel, Jump And Even Sit With The Cyberith Virtualizer Virtual Reality Rig

while i do enjoy First Person Shooters (FPS) like COD, Bad Company and such, i have never thought about getting anything more immersive than a pair of headphones and a DualShock controller. however, for those hardcore FPS out there who wish that they could add locomotions into their FPS experience, then the Cyberith Virtualizer is […]

Playstation TV Heading To U.S. This Fall, Priced At $99

previously only available to lucky folks in the Land of the Rising Sun, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Playstation TV is finally heading to the U.S. for $99. scheduled to hit the stores this Fall, which means it is sure to make it to many people’s holiday gifting list. the whole idea behind Playstation TV is to […]