Land Rover Transparent Bonnet Virtual Imaging

when driving, what you see immediately ahead of you is actually not the road; it is the bonnet and this is even more pronounced if you are on a SUV or off-roader which happens to be a lot higher than regular cars. if Land Rover has its way, the hood is no longer what you will…

Here’s Leica And Paul Smith Collaboration: The Leica CL Paul Smith Edition Digital Camera

Black with a hint of red is kind of a Leica thing, but occasionally, dashes of colors never hurt. That has proven by Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith 7 years ago. Fast forward to 2019, there is another.

Grypmat – An Awesome Non-slip Tool Mat That You Never Thought You Need

If you have done work on your car’s engine, you will understand problem with keeping the tools close to you. More often than not, you have to walk to where you toolbox is, or bend down to get them because you can’t really put tools next to as you work on the engine. With the […]

Red Bull Latest Event Vehicle Looks Set For Any Post-Apocalyptic Party

Think Mad Max kind of chaos and think parties. What comes to mind? Fire-spewing cannon, spiked-covered vehicle with bulldozer blade, and of course, armored vehicles, along with more sinister stuff like human-skin drums and trumpets fashioned out of human bones. The Red Bull “Armored” Event Vehicle you see here does not have fire-spewing cannon, neither […]

It’s Official. Jaguar C-X75 Will Be The Villain’s Ride in Bond Movie Spectre

You already know the next James Bond flick, Spectre, will feature the specially designed Aston Martin DB10 as the hero’s ride and probably had caught wind about Jaguar Land Rover’s involvement in the movie too. Well, the rumor has been confirmed. Jaguar Land Rover has let out the official words on their involvement in this […]

This Pokemon-like Robotic Creature Likes Doodling On The Beach

The BeachBot here maybe a robotic turtle that have an uncanny resemblance to a sinister Pokemon monster, but it is actually as harmless as a dove. A refreshing change from what we have covered thus far with regards to robotic development, eh? You know? Nothing to do with war and stuff? Yea. A change is […]