Behold, Mack Anthem Is Going To Be Immortalized As A LEGO Technic Set!

If the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG is the truck to the world (OK, maybe just Europe), then for the Americans, Mack Truck is the truck to the U.S. Continent. I don’t know, but in Boston, it seems to me that every truck is a Mack truck. Clearly, it is a truck of significance, at least to the …

Mark Rober Created The Most Courteous Car Honk Ever

If a car can talk, the horn would be its voice and the only vocabulary it ever knew was ‘honk’ which, as most car drivers can agree on, is not exactly the most pleasant sound. There’s no emotion to it. You can’t really tell if it is a friendly honk or otherwise. The best way …

The Different Types Of Traffic Accidents And How To Avoid Them

You might not think about it often, but traffic accidents happen every day. There are almost 3 million car crashes each year and 1.5 million injuries in the United States alone. It’s important to know the different types of traffic accidents that can happen, and how to avoid them, so you don’t become a statistic! …

Due To Chip Shortage, General Motors Decides To Extend Vehicle Production Cuts

GM announced that it would be extending production cuts on production cuts further in three plants in North America and adding a fourth to the list of factories affected by the global semiconductor chip shortage. However, these cuts don’t change the fact that the deficit could cost GM up to $2 billion of its year’s …

Torus Praetorian: A Little Known Rugged, Offroad Bus Worthy As A Post-apocalyptic Ride

I am pretty sure Tallahassee would love the Torus Praetorian Heavy Duty 4×4 Offroad Bus to replace his flatten The Beast in Zombieland: Double Tap. While it is not exactly designed for post-apocalyptic scenario, the Praetorian sure looks the part. Hell, it would fit right into Mad Max world too.

This Custom Big Rig Known As Thor 24 Has 24 Cylinders, 12 Superchargers And 3,900+ HP

I guarantee this will be the craziest thing you will see all day. What you see here is Thor 24, a big rig truck with impossible levels of customization/modifications. It looks like Optimus Prime on acid. Shit lot of acid.

Chip In Your Support For This Beautiful LEGO Scania Next Generation LEGO Ideas Submission

If you love the idea of a LEGO set based on a real-life truck, or in this case, a semi, like the Scania Next Generation, then you may want to consider chipping your one precious support on LEGO Ideas for this creation called LEGO Scania Next Generation S730 by LEGO Ideas member mpj83.