Believe It Or Not, There’s Actually Night Light Made From Real Bread

I never thought I would ever describe a night light as ‘delicious looking’. Like, ever. But then the Bread Night Light comes along. Available in a selection of delectable bread/pastry design, including croissant, cross, rugby and stick, these night lights are made from real flour. Because they are made of real flour, I’d think you […]

Oppo’s ‘World’s First’ Under Display Selfie Camera Previewed In Shanghai

For a person who hated bezel and notch, this is possibly the best news I have heard all day. At the Mobile World Congress 2019 Shanghai on June 26, Oppo has officially unveiled its under display selfie camera technology which it calls Under-Screen Camera (USC).

Made By Google Teases Pixel 4 Photo, Confirming A Disturbing Design

It is still months away from the revealing of the much anticipated (or not) fourth-generation Google Pixel phone, but already, the Internet is jam packed with speculations, rumors and leaks that led to a supposedly accurate render of what Google Pixel 4 will look like. Well, as it turns out, the last Google Pixel 4 […]

Watch A Pack Of Boston Dynamics’ Robo-Dogs Haul A Truck

In an ultimate display of robo-power and possibly, a teaser of what a dystopia robo-apocalypse would look like, Boston Dynamics uploaded a video of a pack of SpotMinis hauling a truck across the company’s parking lot. And mind you, though, the truck wasn’t a pickup truck; it was a full-sized truck. Obviously, the truck’s transmission […]

Meet The Most Not Aerodynamic Lamborghini Huracan Mod Ever

There are rich kids and then there is this rich kid who bent the rule of car modifications. Meet Alex Choi, a 19-year-old young man who did the unimaginable: slapping a Lamborghini Huracan with a roll cage on the entire car… on the outside. Believe it. The images here aren’t Photoshopped, btw. Choi actually did […]

Wedding Photographers’ Job Isn’t Safe Too Because, Photography Robot

When we talk about robot apocalypse, it is probably not about SkyNet trying to lord over us. Most likely it will be robots taking our jobs. There are already a number of examples, including construction robot, burger making robot, supermarket stock checkers (like this and this), robot stuntman, robot Table Tennis coach and various kinds […]

Boston Dynamics Handle Evolved Into An Ostrich-like Logistic Robot

Like a creepy robot apocalypse film, Boston Dynamics Handle Robot from two years ago has evolved (thankfully, not on its own!). In the original, it was a biped on wheels and had a pair of arms, but now, it has been reimagined into a strange-looking animal-like robot that retains the biped with two wheels configuration, […]

Is Festo BionicSoftArm Robotic Arm The Beginning Of Humanoid?

Movies often portrayed robot apocalypse with robots that were as sophisticated as humans with respect to agility and dexterity. The truth is, we do not have worry about such “robot apocalypse” because, it takes a lot more than bolts and nuts, and circuit boards to make a robot as capable as humans. But we can’t […]

Japan’s Robot-staffed Hotel “Fires” Robots, Employs Humans

Henn-na Hotel, a hotel chain in Japan that lauded as the first hotel in the world to be staffed largely by robots, made waves back in 2015. We caught on with the news back in 2017 when it opened the second robot-staffed hotel. Back then, we thought, this is it. The future is here, but […]

Suzuki Had Us Going Ga-Ga With A Jimny Pickup Truck And SUV Concepts

We posted a handful of what if a certain automaker made this and that (like this one HERE). Well, I guess we don’t have to do that for Suzuki because, the Japanese marque already dreamed up some concepts for its all-new compact off-road, the 2019 Suzuki Jimny, and it will bring them to next month’s […]