Crowdfunding Hasbro Jabba’s Sail Barge Gets A Paint Job And Some Extras

Remember the Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge introduced under Hasbro’s new crowdfunding-style initiative known as HasLab. Well, it looks like the community is not quite thrilled. So far, this 500 dollars collectible has gotten 3,500+ backers and it has just 10 days left to meet its targeted 5,000 backers to take it […]

Pop It Pal Exists So That Pickers Can Satisfy Their Desire To Pop Pimples

Do you find yourself unable to resist popping the pimples on your face? Or do you have an innate desire to pop pimples but you can’t find any on your perfect face and thus, you find yourself among the millions of viewers who have repeatedly viewed strange pimple/cyst popping videos on YouTube? I do not […]

Morphcooker Is Fire-free Cooking So You Can Stop Starting Bush Fire

Cooking in the wild is fun, but the fire is not. However, you can’t cook without fire, is it not? Well, actually, yes you can, if you have the Morphcooker, the world’s first electric camp stove. Fire risk? There’s none, at all. The stove itself can be collapsed to just 18 mm thick and it […]

Jelly Belly Unleashes Krispy Kreme Donuts-flavored, Ermmm, Jelly Beans?

You don’t eat jelly beans with donuts, do you? Oh, wait. You do? Well then, here’s a piece of good news that is sure to brighten your day. Donuts specialist Krispy Kreme has joined hands with Jelly Belly, maker of the original Jelly Bean, to create a line of Krispy Kreme donuts-flavored jelly beans. Yes. […]

This Short-barrelled ‘Lens’ Is Actually A Qi Standard Wireless Charger. Quirky!

Wireless charger is fast becoming a norm and if your phone supports it, you can either choose to use the mundane looking, run-of-the-mill device peddled by the handful of brands out there, or you could sprinkle a bit of quirkiness to your wireless charging routine with the Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger. The Power […]

Apple Watch Series 3 Has Built-In Cellular, So You Can Ditch Your Phone

Tim Cook kicked off the September 12 Apple event with a touching tribute to Steve Jobs. Aptly, the event was held at a theater named after the late visionary co-founder of Apple. The intro was a break from the tradition where Tim would go on to boast about sale numbers, user-ships and of course, retails. […]

Brolly-sharing Startup Is Undaunted Even After Losing 300K Umbrellas

For the record, China is not the only country to have umbrella sharing service. Apparently, Canada does too and some New Yorkers did toyed with the idea. However, we are not here to talk about who’s at it first or how ridiculous the concept is, but rather, we ask the question ‘why’? Why share umbrella? […]

Intel Unveiled X-Series Chips, Include An 18-Core Beast That Cost $2,000

Whenever a newer and faster processor is announced, I relish the day when I had a Logitech computer powered by a then-decent Intel 80286 processor and today, I did it again when I hear that Intel has up the ante again with the new Intel Core X-series family processors which includes the new Intel Core […]

$425 Mud-coated Jeans, Because You Shouldn’t Have To Work For Mud

Nordstrom is no stranger to expensive fashion, but as it seems, the fashion retail giant has a penchant for the weird and quirky products too. After trying to sell you a 85 bucks rock, Nordstrom again made headline and this time it’s for selling a pair of fake mud-coated jeans for a cool $425. What […]

Bridgestone’s Radical Airless Tire Is Making Its Way To Bicycle

We have seen a handful of airless tires for bicycles, but to date, it has not seen wide spread adoption. That’s kind of odd, because we can’t see why cyclists don’t want to go punctuate-free. Anywho, perhaps the answer is not as simple as going all rubber, or putting holes in solid rubber. Perhaps, more […]