Believe It Or Not, This Wireless Earbuds Has A Total Of 110 Hrs of Playtime

Frankly, I am pretty tired of charging gadgets. It is crazy how many gadgets an average person needs to charge each day. Multiple smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatch and/or fitness band, Bluetooth speaker and more. The list just goes on and on. We’d be thankful if we only need to charge at the end of day, […]

Thanks To A FCC Filing, We Know Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds Is Coming

Many designer labels already have had their share in the audio/visual market. Louis Vuitton is no different too. Wait, what, there’s a LV-branded headphones? Well, not yet, but soon – according to a FCC filing. The wireless earbuds, called Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones, is not something that was designed from the ground up, though.

Just Dunk These Earbuds’ Ear Tips Into Hot Water For A Perfect Fit

Like it or not, no two person’s sound holes are the same and therefore, there is no such thing as one-size-fits all earbuds. Even with different sizes of eartips, there are bound to have discrepancies. For those with the dough to drop, there are custom solutions out there. Not all hope is lost if you […]

Pioneer’s First True Wireless In-Ear Headphone Is Surprisingly ‘Budget’

Pioneer has finally join the true wireless headphones bandwagon with this pair of in-ear wireless headphone called C8. The Pioneer SE-C8TW-B In-Ear Truly Wireless Headphone is what you expect from such a product: a true, cable-free design, Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, app-enabled (for Android at the moment), and built-in batteries good for 3 hours of continuous […]

AmpPack Packs A Power Bank, Wireless Earbuds Into An iPhone Case

While cool, wireless earbuds also bring about new sets of inconvenience. Inconveniences such as one more thing to charge and carry, and the risk of losing the earbuds because of the former. As weird as it is, an integrated Apple AirPods case might have solved those “inconveniences” and now, there is the Ascape AmpPack for […]

The Total Cost For This Soundbar And Wireless Earbuds Is Still Cheaper Than A Pair Of Apple AirPods

I admit. I am bias. I am currently in the market for a soundbar and hopefully, a pair of wireless earbuds and hence, this post. I was scouring the Internet for bargain deals that won’t break my pathetic bank account and the good news for me and everyone else who’s in the market for a […]

Vie Fit: Custom Fit Wireless Earphones Without Getting Your Ears Molded

Forget about the hassle getting your the shape of your sound holes molded just to get custom fit earbuds. With the Vie Fit, you’d be getting the softest, custom fit, truly wireless earphones without getting your sound holes molested to get the fit and without compromising on sound quality. What makes Vie Fit stands out […]

If Sound Delivers, It Could Be The Most Futuristic Wireless Headphones Ever

What is the future of headphones like? Our best guess is, wireless will be norm and that’s as far as our imagination can take us. However, according to startup Human Inc., the future of headphones is Sound and it is more than wireless; they would be gesture controllable and intelligent enough to pause the music […]

ELWN Wireless Earbuds Breaks New Ground, Can Be Charged When In Use

Fitment has always been a nagging problem with in-ear headphones, or earbuds and with wireless earbuds, it brings about yet another problem: battery life. There’s case/portable charger to resolve the latter, but it is done at the expense not being able to use it. The ELWN Fit wireless earbuds, created by former Apple engineers, claims […]

Doppler Labs Launches Here One “In-ear Computer” Wireless Earbuds

Doppler Labs, the folks behind the high-tech safety earplugs DUBS Acoustic Filters, announced that its world’s first “in-ear computing platform,” the Here One, is now available for pre-order. This sleek pair of true wireless earbuds boasts the outfit’s proprietary smart listening and noise filtering technologies that ensures you get the most out of your music […]