Avanca Makes True Wireless Earbuds Affordable With $89 Minim

Lets face it. No matter how you loathe charging yet another gadget (more like talking to myself…), wireless earbuds is the future. The good news is, unlike a few years ago, there are more options now, including the likes Apple AirPods, Bose SoundSport Free, Google Pixel Buds, and today we hear that there is another […]

OnePlus 5 Unveiled, Has Dual-camera And Looks Suspiciously Like An iPhone 7

I kid you not. At a glance, you may mistaken the new OnePlus latest smartphone, the OnePlus 5, as an iPhone 7. Seriously, if those curved edges don’t remind you have the iPhone 7, then perhaps the striking antenna bands at the top and bottom of the device would. Granted, the curved edges aren’t completely […]

Would You Pay Half A Million For A Black Diamond Embellished iPhone 7?

Thanks to the existence of luxury phone makers, Scrooge McDuckians do not need to own and use the same mobile phone as the “commoners.” But it is hard to resist the lure of an Apple made smartphone for some and so, the obvious solution is to have it blinged and to that, luxury smartphone maker […]

Apple’s First Wireless Headphone Looks Like Earrings Jutting Out Of Your Ears

Changes for the good or bad are always hard to accept, but humans are highly adaptable species and we will eventually come to terms with change. However, we suspect it may not happen with one of Apple’s latest head turning product. And it is a head turner in a bad way, really. It is not […]

New Apple iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Are Actually Dust And Water Resistant

The suspense surrounding (or the lack thereof) iPhone 7 is finally over. In an event earlier today, the much leaked new smartphone from the Cupertino tech giant was finally unveiled. As per the various leaks and rumors, there’s very little left to surprise us – except maybe water and dust resistant, which the new iPhones […]