i-MEGO MAZE Promised Audiophile-grade Quality That Won’t Break The Bank

audio cans that look as good as it sounds are in abundance – it is a matter of how much are you willing to drop to get them, but breaking the bank is not necessary with this super sleek i-MEGO MAZE Studio Headphones. as always, we can’t attest to the sound, but as far as […]

Soundwall Turns Hanging Art Into Wireless Speakers

some people like to flaunt their speakers, but there are also some who prefer to hear and not to see them. in the past, we are resigned to getting the skinniest or the flattest or even go the transparent route in order not to see these sound reproduction devices, but Soundwall has…

Doxie Flip Scanner

before the digital revolution, virtually everything personal comes in hardcopies, which more often than not, are at the mercy of natural deterioration. the humidity and nasty alien-like creatures like the silverfish never fails to threaten your precious memories. that is the fact of life, but lucky for us, there is an invention known as scanner

Garmin Portable Head-up Display

as good as any of today’s in-car navigation system is, you will still need to take your eyes off the road. even with our favorite voice directions from your friendly Lord Vader, we still need the visual assurance that we are going the right way. with the Garmin Portable Head-up Display (HUD), it will make your in-car navigation a little less of a dangerous affair by projecting the much needed information such as

SONTE WiFi Digital Shades

you know what gets us excited? innovations. and do you know what’s makes innovation even more appealing? accessibility. the SONTE WiFi Digital Shades has all the aforementioned which is why we are so ‘worked’ up, well, in a good way though. so what is a SONTE WiFi Digital Shades? it is a special film, one that offers

CB Industries Jules Espresso Maker

no. this is not a tripod pod from the War of the World flick but it is a beautifully crafted, luxe espresso machine dubbed the Jules Espresso Maker by Swiss firm, CB Industries. created by Swiss artist and designer Carlo Borer, this limited edition caffeinated brew maker has a retro-futuristic appearance, thanks to its stainless steel sphere and its tripod legs. further adding…