This has to be the most bizarre job-related news we have heard thus far. Nigel Francis-McGann is a 46-year-old pilot who had applied to be a Captain with cargo firm West Atlantic UK. That did not appear anything out of the ordinary, except that he was in fact trained up to first officer level, i.e. the second man to helm an aircraft. Such deception isn’t new at all.

I am sure people use fake reference all the time and Nigel’s deceit shouldn’t be all that bizarre until red flag was raised with regards to his so-called referee. You see, in a bid to secure the place as the man of the cockpit, Nigel had put down Desilijic Tiure as his reference. Fine. The name Desilijic Tiure may just appeared to be just another hard-to-pronounce name, but the truth is, it is the real name of the baddie in Star Wars Jabba Desilijic Tiure, who is better known Jabba the Hutt.

Pilot Used Jabba the Hutt As Reference
By Rob HodgkinsG-JMCP West Atlantic B737-300 CVT 21-12-13 (1), CC BY-SA 2.0, Link.

It is not known how the cargo firm realized that he was trained as a first officer and not a captain in the first place, but as the story goes, the company dug deeper and spotted the fake reference. I am guessing one of the bosses happened to be a huge Star Wars fan, but that’s just my speculation. Or perhaps, they just simply Googled it and the Hutt reference came up (I tried, Hutt was on the top five search results and so…).

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Anywho, by pretending that he was a qualified captain, this man was deemed to have put lives at risk and so naturally, he was promptly fired. However, Nigel wasn’t about to go down without a fight after the obvious deceit was exposed. Instead, he took the company to an employment tribunal in Birmingham on the grounds of breach of contract, but as it turns out, the employment tribunal wasn’t amused either (like, duh? Obviously, right?), rejecting his case and even ordered him to pay back £4,725 (about US$6,100) as a compensation for the cost of his training at West Atlantic.

The morale of the story? If you are going to apply as a pilot using a fake referee, make sure your bogus reference is not a dude that is too fat to even fit into an aircraft door. Nah. Just kidding. Just don’t fake anything, really.

Featured image: Star Wars Wikia Edited by Mikeshouts.

Source: The Sun.

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