Cake In The Form Of An Open Book With A Bloody, Beating Heart Is Some Next Level Sh*t

We have some pretty amazing cake of art here, but this one here is some next level shit. What you see here is a cake. No kidding. It is a cake. It was made by one Jane (@fancifulcakes) for her office Valentine’s Day party. Wait… they have a party for that too? Hmmm. What has […]

Creative Cake Maker Made A Realistic Hercules Beetle Grub Cake…Ermm, Yummy?

Good lord. We just found a cake maker who have up the ante of the cake with pop-able pimples. Folks, meet Katherine Dey of Deviant Desserts. She is responsible for this larger than life-size Hercules beetle grub cake.

This Baby Yoda Cake Is So Adorable That You Won’t Bear To Cut It, Let Alone Eating It

Baby Yoda in the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian has created quite a buzz in the pop culture world because of how adorable he is. But do you know what’s cuter? A cake version. That’s right. Someone has made a Baby Yoda cake modeled after the character from Disney’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

This Amazing Custom Wedding Cake Of A Peacock Has A Train Made Up Of Cupcakes

I am sure in the history of modern cake-making, there had been bakers who had made peacock-inspired cakes. Well, you know what? Whoever have made peacock cakes before August 2019 probably never looked as amazing as this one whipped by custom cake maker Malizzi Cakes & Pastries in Pennsylvania.

Mind Blown: An Australian Recreated KFC Bucket Meal As A Cake Set

We are seriously contemplating if we should add a new tag “astonishing” or “awesome stuff” because, we have seen some pretty mind-blowing stuff that people have created that deserves those tags. One such example is this: a KFC Bucket Meal, well, except that this ain’t no ordinary KFC Bucket Meal. The entire set, right down […]

Costco Is Selling A 5-Tier Wedding Cake Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Clearly, whoever came up with the idea of this alternative to traditional wedding cake does not think about those who are lactose intolerant. Just saying… What you see here is a five-tier wedding cake made entirely of gourmet cheese sourced from around the world and it is currently listed on Costco website under ‘Gourmet Foods’. […]

Someone Actually Made Cakes That Looks Like Shag Rugs. Like, What???

“John, you are so dumb that I sometimes wonder if you ate rugs growing up,” John: “you know what, may be I did!” That’s what mum bought for my birthday every year, a custom Shag Rug cake.” I know. That was a lame joke, but the custom Shag Rug cake wasn’t a made up thing; […]

Cake Inspired By Leica Optic Should Make A Picture Perfect Treat For Any Photographer’s Birthday

I may not bake, but from what we have saw, baking have seen some pretty significant advancements. The techniques and new technology have enabled bakers to gone beyond traditional square or round confectionery with the oh-so-boring cream coating. Like I have said, I don’t bake, but this blog have definitely seen our fair share of […]

Cake With Poppable Pimples Will Make You Quit Eating Cake Altogether

A search on YouTube reveals a disturbing fetish in the human race. And what fetish that might be you ask? Well, key in the search term ‘pimple’ and hit enter, and lo and behold, videos of people popping huge, nasty pimples have crazy number of views. Some of them have been viewed in excess of […]

100-Year-Old Fruit Cake Uncovered In Antarctica “Looks” And “Smell” Edible

You know who’s Robert Falcon Scott? Don’t know? Neither do I, but never mind. He was a British explorer that lead a team on a British Antarctic Expedition sometime between 1910 and 1913. So, it is no surprise that you and me aren’t aware of this brave forebear. However, today you will learn at least […]