Unihertz Gave Atom An Upgrade To Become The Smallest DMR Walkie-Talkie Rugged Smartphone

If you are in the market for a “survivalist smartphone,” Shanghai-based Unihertz Atom XL may be right on your money. Building on the success of the original Atom, Atom XL is a compact 4-inch rugged smartphone that boasts a host of upgrades, including DMR walkie-talkie function.

Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean Play Set Because, You Know The Child In You Want It

Playmobil has a special place in my heart and so is 80s sci-fi trilogy, Back to the Future. So, naturally, when we saw the new Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean Set, it sets my heart fluttering. Yes. That’s right 70s and 80s babies, it is the DeLorean DMC-12 as Playmobil!

Blackview’s New BV9800 Pro Rugged Smartphone With Thermal Imaging Is Now $419.99

Here’s a slightly affordable alternative to rugged smartphone with FLIR, or thermal imaging. Coming from Hong Kong-based Blackview, the Blackview BV9800 Pro is a rugged phone with integrated FLIR Lepton. That’s right. This phone literally lets you see and measure heat signature.

Unihertz’s BlackBerry-like Rugged QWERTY Smartphone Goes Live On Kickstarter, Cost Just $259

You hear it is coming and now, it is finally here, well, almost. We talking about the Unihertz Titan Rugged QWERTY Smartphone, the rugged BlackBerry-like device. It is now live on Kickstarter and man, it looks like many people are clamoring for a ruggedized smartphone with physical keyboard.

Unihertz Is Making A BlackBerry Passport-like Rugged Android Smartphone

Here’s a piece of good news for lovers of smartphone with physical QWERTY keyboard who sometimes have butterfingers. In other words, a BlackBerry Passport-like device that can survive the punishment of clumsy hands and a device that fits into an established ecosystem such as Google Android.

DOOGEE Takes To Kickstarter To Sell Its First Rugged Modular Smartphone

Do you guys remember DOOGEE? The small handset maker from China that mostly makes copies of other China handset (but doing it pretty darn well)? Well, it looks like they have progressed quite a bit. The company is breaking into the U.S. market with its new device called DOOGEE S90, which it claimed as “the …

Designer Imagines How Apps And Services Would Be In Pre-Internet Era

Have you ever wonder what it would be like if today’s popular apps and services we use today were available in the pre-internet era? It is hard to imagine Spotify, or Facebook would be if they existed, say, in the 80s, but one man has imagine how today’s icons like Netflix, Snapchat, Adobe Illustrator and …