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(photos: B.Light Design) Secret Passageway Switch | US$50.00 |

planning to have a secret passageway in your humble abode? well, here’s the perfect switch to activate that passageway of yours. the aptly named Secret Passageway Switch, can turn an ordinary hard-bound book into a secret switch without damaging your book. yes. you watched it in Hollywood movies, now you can do the very same at your own home – provided, you have a mansion large enough and you have tons of secrets to hide away from Scooby and the team. no passageway to activate? well, you can always install it to function as a light switch with a fringe benefit of being guaranteed to be a conversation starter. some words of warning though: you will need some form of installation skill here but the good thing is, with a little imagination, you can adapt it to switch on/off anything. how about your garage door? the Secret Passageway Switch can be yours for $50 a pop and is available via Vespoe.
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B.Light Design via Uncrate

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