Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon

though this is a predominantly a man-orientated tech lifestyle website, we do appreciate awesome ladies’ gears too and the Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon is one such example of our appreciation. based in Vancouver, BC, Mia Melon has been rocking weatherproof coats for ladies for quite sometime now and the firm is ready to […]

Ubisoft x musterbrand Watch Dogs Apparel & Accessories

we are not sure how many avid gaming-themed cosplayers will want to dress up like the yet-to-be-released game Watch Dogs’s protagonist Aiden Pearce, but that hasn’t stop Ubisoft in collaborating with game culture-focused fashion and lifestyle brand musterbrand to out a collection of apparel and accessories for the game.

The Waxed Anorak – Jacket For Unlikely Conditions

unlikely is defined as ‘not likely to happen’, but that does not mean it will not. when you are exploring the wild under the cover of the summer’s warm, it is unlikely to rain but it is never guaranteed, and for those unlikely conditions, there is the Waxed Anorak, a jacket designed for…

Ducati Multistrada D-Air Wireless Airbag System

when it comes to motobiking, the only thing that comes between you and the road is, well… you, which makes rider protection all the more critical and often a daunting task. we have seen crazy, fashionista airbag collar for cyclist and more practical airbag jacket with built-in crash sensors in the apparel but today, rider protection is…

Freeman x Ball and Buck Premium Rain Jacket

being beaten down by heavy downpour is never on anyone’s to-do-list, but if you have to do it, you have to do it and since the inevitable is going to happen, then why do it looking suave? with the Freeman x Ball and Buck Premium Rain Jacket you can look uber stylish while…

Flatulence Underwear

imagine this: getting into a packed lift and feeling the need to break wind, and when you eventually did (God forbids), you know the embarrassment that ensues. with the Flatulence Underwear, that will be a thing of the past. well, why shouldn’t it be? especially when it is based on the technology found in chemical warfare suits which…

The PopLyfe Tees For Dads

men do not bear children, but we share the same responsibility and joy as women do, nonetheless. we may have skipped the physical pain and ‘burden’ portions while on the way to be becoming parents, we still maintain the right to savor the fruit of love and The PopLyfe Tees For Dads is exactly what you need to wear them like a badge of honor.