Bombas Socks – An Engineered Socks

socks. an item that we hardly give a damn about, but the guys behind the Bombas Socks are so serious about this seemingly minute everyday wear that we think they deserves to be called socks engineers. beyond its colorful and attractive styling lies a series of “sock engineering” that you will never look at another pair of socks the same again.

Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts

how many times have jumped into the pool just to realized your phone is still in the pocket? nasty. well, that won’t be problem if you are wearing the Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts. on a bigger picture, Stash Pocket is a patented waterproof pocket system that can be incorporated into a variety types of clothing and stuff such as backpacks

Geek Definition T-Shirt by Geek Shirts For Geeks

sometimes a geek is not immediately noticeable (but most of the time, they are), and so in case you need to pronounce that fact louder, then this Geek Definition T-Shirt by Geek Shirts For Geeks is definitely the must-have tee. just like a geek, the tee has no-frills and just straight-to-the-point ‘i am a geek’ pronouncement

SeV Tropiformer Jacket – The Gadget Jacket

not everyone fancy the idea of carrying a bag, but still there are essential gadgets to bring. that’s where the SeV Tropiformer Jacket will come super handy. specially designed by Scottevest for all style-conscious geeks out there, the SeV is made of super lightweight, soft and breathable material and features

George Orwell 1984 T-Shirts by Out of Print

if you are passionate about political satires, you will be familiar with George Orwell (1903-1950). among the handful of works Orwell had written, the most notable would no doubt be 1984 (1949), which is why these limited edition t-shirts, the George Orwell 1984 T-Shirts by Out of Print, caught our attention.

Budd Bespoke Dress Shirts

Budd Shirts are an institution in London fashion circles and they are widely recognized as one of the finest tailors in London. Founded in 1910 and still operating from the same small store that their business originally began over a century ago, Budd offer some of the finest bespoke dress shirts on the market and

BC Vest – an utility vest with built-in backpack

if you like exploring the wild, running mirror edge’s style, then you wouldn’t want a heavy backpack to bog you down, neither do you want to venture in without the essentials to survive in the wild. for that, the Dakine BC Vest, an utility vest with built-in backpack, offers a solution between a cumbersome backpack and

I/O Denim – Smartphone-friendly Jeans

dudes. how many times have you been caught in an awkward act while trying to retrieve your smartphone from your jeans’ front pocket? we all have been in the same situation one time or another – made worst by today’s bigger phone size and tighter jeans. any how, you know what i am talking about, don’t you? strangely, large size cell phone has been around for…

Cities T-Shirt by Pilot and Captain

if you have been following this blog, you probably have noticed that we hardly do apparels, much less tees but there are times for exceptions and such a time happens to be now. that said, when we first laid eyes on the Cities T-Shirt by Pilot and Captain, we felt an overwhelming sense of stylishness in them and naturally, we wanted to share such awesome finds with you folks…

Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit

how do know you are hardcore Twitter addict? for ladies, one the signs is, finding yourself desperately scouring the net in an attempt to buy this Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit as seen here worn by this beautiful ex-Pussycat doll member Nicole Scherzinger. the dress, an evening gown, is made of…