SherryWinks Puts Pockets Into Brassieres, Wants Ladies To Keep Stuff In Their Bras

unlike men, ladies’ apparels usually don’t have the luxury of pockets. when present, pockets on ladies’ wears are more aesthetics than functional, well, at least not for their bloated purses – thanks the various loyalty and membership cards. however, one lingerie and intimate apparel startup, SherryWinks, wants to change that with its patented PocketBra. PocketBra, […]

Alton Lane Uses 3D Body Scanner To Create Perfect Bespoke Fitted Clothes

don’t worry, these are not security body scanners and they are certainly not x-ray scanners either, but what bespoke fitted clothing maker Alton Lane uses is an advanced 360-degree body scanner, rigged with 32 sensors to produce an avatar of you (basically, wire-mesh version of you) with over 160 different body measurements. these data, along […]

Audio Engineer’s Hoodie Has Its Hood Made From Speaker Fabric

we can’t think of a reason why would anyone need to wear a pair of headphones over a hoodie instead of under it. while most hoodie should be large enough to accommodate most headphones, it may not be the case if you happen to have a big-ass headphones, or perhaps your profession, such as those […]

SCOTTeVEST Now Keeps Your Identity Safe From High-tech Skimmers

with technology advancements, come a new set of problem: high-tech skimmers, but lucky for us, the light side also have its way of countering these electronic criminal minds. by using RFID-blocking materials, you can keep skimmers at bay, however, you can’t be slipping on RFID-blocking sleeves on each and every gadgets you have. i mean, […]

One Less Thing To Carry: A Backpack With A Built-in Rain Jacket

getting caught in a sudden downpour sucks. getting caught in the rain and getting drenched because your rain jacket is on your back, in the backpack is, well, unfortunate. sudden downpour has no mercy. it will come raining down, leaving you little or no time to react. if you are near a shelter, then count […]

WTFJEANS Has A Smartphone Pocket That Keeps Radiation From You

remember the smartphone-friendly I/O Denim? it turns out that it is not the only made-for-smartphone jeans in the market. in fact, Croatia-based WTFJEANS (you got to love this name, don’t you?) has been around since 2009 and is an awesome alternative if you are looking for an apparel that is designed with your smartphone in […]

Lifelogging Comes To Apparel, Wants You To Record Your Life From Your Chest

what you see here may appear to be regular polos and hoodie, but they are not. these apparels, known as NewViewWear, are life-logging clothing that will record Full HD video and allows you to capture stills – right off from your chest. the NewViewWear is essentially clothes with a purpose-made pocket that hides a 10mm […]

Woodies Clothing Could Be The Most Detailed Tailor Made Shirt, Ever

if you are tired of how shirtmakers are serving up shirts to you wholesale, then you really have check out Woodies Clothing. the thing is, Woodies Clothing is not just another tailor made shirtmaker – it takes the business of tailoring shirt several notches up by offering details that your local tailors won’t even bother […]

Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon

though this is a predominantly a man-orientated tech lifestyle website, we do appreciate awesome ladies’ gears too and the Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon is one such example of our appreciation. based in Vancouver, BC, Mia Melon has been rocking weatherproof coats for ladies for quite sometime now and the firm is ready to […]

Ubisoft x musterbrand Watch Dogs Apparel & Accessories

we are not sure how many avid gaming-themed cosplayers will want to dress up like the yet-to-be-released game Watch Dogs’s protagonist Aiden Pearce, but that hasn’t stop Ubisoft in collaborating with game culture-focused fashion and lifestyle brand musterbrand to out a collection of apparel and accessories for the game.