This Is Flare, A Shirt That Is Adaptable To The Temperature To Keep You Warm

You know how octopus is able to adapt its color and even form, on-the-fly, as it passes from one spot to another. The Flare Powered Shirt by Blanc won’t change color, or form, but it has one thing in common with the eight-arm marine creatures: it adapts, but in the temperature sense. Flare is able […]

Here’s Louis Vuitton Space-inspired Monogram Galaxy Collection

Here’s another space-related news. Well, Louis Vuitton is not going into space, or at least not yet, but the Parisian fashion house has will get wealthy space-adoring, LV fans going ga-ga with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Galaxy Collection. It is basically the LV monogram you are familiar with, but the space serves as the backdrop. […]

Pokémon Arrives To Italian Streetwear, Courtesy Of GCDS

You know that the Pokémon fad hasn’t die when it starts appearing in apparels and on an esteemed fashion event like the Milan Fashion Week. Well, this was exactly happened and it was GCDS who has brought to the table some really cool and somewhat goofy Pokémon-themed fashion pieces. As it turns out, the Italian […]

GCDS Had Three-breasted Models In Revealing Crop Tops (NSFW)

What will the future of fashion be like? Will apparels of the future covered in LEDs, or has fabric that is also a display that changes pattern based on your mood and location? Or could it be human modifications like having three breasts? Made-in-Italy streetwear brand GCGS, AKA God Can’t Destroy Streetwear, seems to think […]

These Are The NFL T-Shirts If Football Existed In The Star Wars Universe

Don’t mind Stormtroopers had beyond-terrible aim. Don’t mind that laser weapons were impractically slow and easily deflected by Lightsabers. Don’t mind all those because, it is Star Wars. A wonderful, fantasy-filled universe. But why in the universe there weren’t a galaxy far, far away version of football? Beats me. Notwithstanding the omission, artist Steven Klock […]

Omnia Chéri Is One Dress, 50+ Looks, And A Threat To Fashion Industry

Remember the revolutionary convertible dress from a few years ago? Well, it now has a third generation. Called Omnia Chéri, it is made of 2-sided, lightweight, “cupro” fabric and continues the same unique convertible tradition, affording you an outfit fit for hen’s night to a dress for your bridesmaid duty. Heck, if you can keep […]

I Would Love To Have The North Face x Comme des Garçons Outerwears, But My Wallet Shrieks In Horror

There is something particularly alluring about gray and orange combo; it drew me to this new collection from a new collab by The North Face and Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. What you see here are outwears inspired by North Face’s heritage. With this new for FW18 collection, Junya Watanabe once again demonstrates his […]

The Influence Of Wakanda Extends To Hari Raya With T’Challa Outfits

Well, it looks like Black Panther influence has gone beyond box office. Muslims in Singapore prepping for Eid al-Fitr, or Hari Raya Puasa as it is called in Malaysia and Singapore, have been snapping up Black Panther-inspired Baju Melayu outfits. For the uninitiated, Baju Melayu is a traditional cultural clothing typically worn on Hari Raya […]

Can’t Get Enough Of Weird Fashion? Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt Is Here To Help

Just when we thought Balenciaga is done with weird fashion, we saw this, this t-shirt from the Spanish fashion house. Actually, we should really refer it to as shirts because, as you can see, it is a t-shirt that has a checkered long sleeves stuck to the front. Hence, the name T-Shirt Shirt (not a […]

This High-tech Underwear Wants To You To Cut Your Laundry Time

Imagine a world where you never had to do laundry. Seriously, wouldn’t that be fabulous? Unfortunately, that picture perfect “world” is clearly an utopia that won’t realize in foreseeable future; definitely not if you do not want to smell like you have just walked out of a landfill. But the good news is, we are […]