This High-tech Underwear Wants To You To Cut Your Laundry Time

Imagine a world where you never had to do laundry. Seriously, wouldn’t that be fabulous? Unfortunately, that picture perfect “world” is clearly an utopia that won’t realize in foreseeable future; definitely not if you do not want to smell like you have just walked out of a landfill. But the good news is, we are […]

Vollebak’s Insanely Hardcore 100 Year Hoodie Is Made From Kevlar Fibers

You may have seen the 100 Year Hoodie before, but make no mistake because, this one here is different. Way different. This piece here, though still referred to as “hoodie,” is essentially a jacket and it is fashioned from 100 percent Kevlar. Yes. You heard that right. It is made from the same space age […]

The Strongest Denim Jeans In The World Is Here And It Has Kevlar In It

Forget about wearing down your jeans and witnessing torn developing in Kojima Genes x SF Project’s newest denim because, Kevlar. Yes. You read that right. Kevlar has arrived to the fashion world. Billed as the most innovative, strongest denim in the world, this latest denim from Kojima Genes x SF Project is the world’s first […]

Winning Designs Become Upcoming Uniqlo Marvel Superheroes T-Shirts

Once again, Uniqlo proves that drawing talents outside of Uniqlo does result in exciting t-shirt print designs. For this upcoming new UT line, Uniqlo is pulling designs from the brand’s Grand Prix 2018 T-shirt design contest that celebrates the superheroes of Marvel. Well, it sucks to be villains, isn’t it? They hardly ever gotten any […]

Uniqlo Teamed Up With Murakami And Doraemon For New Tee Collection

Uniqlo has teamed up with iconic manga series Doraemon and Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami to incorporate the iconic characters from the series to the brand’s products. The Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection is inspired by the famous Japanese robotic cat with main visual borrowed from Murakami’s work, “Anna koto iina dekitara iina” (a la […]

Zuma Trunk: A Classy Trunk That Won’t Make You Look Like A College Kid

Pictured this: it’s summer time, the pool is glistering from the sun’s bombardment. It is an open invitation to take a dive. At this point, you can do two things. One: dive into it with the typical beach-themed shorts like you would when you are still a college kid who couldn’t afford anything but a […]

Cortèz’s New Outerwear Collection Oozes With Style And Features

From the maker of the sleek outerwear that comes with RECCO rescue system, comes a new outwear collection that boasts over 20 new features all-in-one 3-layer shell jackets, 3-shell layer pants, and a full-size fleece jackets. We don’t know what to say, man. The collection is like Cortèz Outerwear’s first; it is sleek, functional and […]

Why Settle For Regular Swim Shorts When There’s One That Changes Color?

So, you think swim shorts need no further innovations? Well, actually, you might be right, but one Dutch dude, Tom van Dieren, begs to differ. His invention, called SEA’SONS swim shorts, won’t make you swim like a shark or repel sharks, but it has one element which defines ‘fun’; it changes color when it comes […]

The Internet Is Outraged By Team USA’s Speed Skating ‘Pervy’ Outfit

If you have not been catching the on-going Winter Olympics over at Pyeongchang, South Korea, you probably have not noticed something rather unusual about the Team USA’s Speed Skating outfit. I know I sure did not pay attention to it, but thanks to the Internet, I cannot unseen what I have saw. The two-tone outfit […]

You Can Now Buy Nike’s Team USA Medal Stand Collection Designed For 2018 Winter Olympics

I am not a huge fan of Winter Olympics, but take it that Team USA is preparing to top the chart, as always, or at least, Nike has already prepared the team to received medals in some really cool winter apparels. Dubbed Team USA Medal Stand Collection, these apparels will help the 2018 Winter Olympians […]