Romper For Grown Up Men Is Thing Because, 2017

There are more than six months to go before 2017 ends and when it does (end), it will be remembered for quite a few things, most notably Trump being the Tweet-happy POTUS and also RompHim. Wait, what? What’s RompHim, you asked? Well, think men, then think onesies, and what you get would be RompHim. Yup. […]

Reebok Savagely Poked Fun At Nordstrom’s $425 Mud-coated Jeans

Thanks to the Internet, we are starting to find out that businesses do have a sense of humor. Wendy’s is a good example, but today, it is not about Wendy’s. Today’s spotlight is on Reebok and it is not about the sporting company’s Alien kicks either; it is about how Reebok is having some fun […]

Topshop Clear Plastic Jeans Is Like Raincoat Pants, But Only Transparent

2017 is the year when fashion is out to make a statement. Or if you read in another way, it is the year where designers ran out of practical ideas and hence, it results in stuff like fake mud-coated jeans, clear knee jeans, and now, an entirely transparent pair of jeans. Yup. Transparent jeans is […]

Who Needs Pushup Bra When This 3D Top Can Make Your Boobs Look Bigger?

Ladies sometime leverage on pushup bra to make their boobs look fuller, but seriously, ladies, stop torturing your lovely bosoms. I imagine it must be rather ‘agonizing’ to have them pushed up all day. Here’s a better and painless solution: a checkered 3D illusional blouse that will make your boobs look bigger than they really […]

Metallic Ink Printed Garments Remind TSA X-Ray Operator Of Your Rights

We totally understand the threat of terrorism when flying and because of this, we put our faith on the government to ensure a safe air travel. However, being humans, sometimes even government organisation can take things a little too far in the name of safety. Take for example, in the U.S.A, the Transportation Security Administration, […]

$425 Mud-coated Jeans, Because You Shouldn’t Have To Work For Mud

Nordstrom is no stranger to expensive fashion, but as it seems, the fashion retail giant has a penchant for the weird and quirky products too. After trying to sell you a 85 bucks rock, Nordstrom again made headline and this time it’s for selling a pair of fake mud-coated jeans for a cool $425. What […]

This Uber Sleek Outerwear Comes Standard With RECCO Rescue System

If you hit up the powdered mountains often, you will understand the cost involved. Not only the gears are costly, the essential outerwear is a real hit on the wallet too. The latter is exactly what inspired Wiebe, Wouter and Herman, collectively known as Cortèz Outerwear, to come together to create a high-performance outerwear with […]

NASA Tech Enables This Japanese-made Jeans To Keep Warm And Cool

I live in a region where temperatures are more-than-warm most of the time which gives me a reason to ditched jeans in favor of shorts. Seriously, having a thick fabric wrapped around your legs in this area is crazy, but that may change with Kojima Genes x SF Project denim. Kojima Genes is a Japanese […]

Innovative Men’s Underwear Lets Man Adjust His Junk Right From The Waist

For some men, a well endowed manhood can be a pain in the butt, like, you know, the constant need to adjust it? Well, if you have this problem, then we are not surprised if you have found yourself caught with your hands in your pants more than once. While it seems like men have […]

This Jacket Transforms Into A Bag And Vice Versa While Keeping Things Within

We all been there: we head out in the warm of the day in just berms, t-shirt and a bag, but when the sun sets and the cold takes over, you’d wish you had brought along a jacket. Then again, your bag wouldn’t fit anyways and having to hold on a jacket when you don’t […]