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Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Marco Polo Camper Van, Book Opens Late July In Germany

looking to spend some quality time in the great outdoor with a bit of style and luxury? well, you are in luck, or least those in Germany are (at least for now), cos’ the pointed star marque has just the ride for you. with the new Marco Polo Camper Van, Mercedes-Benz continues its longstanding collaboration with Westfalia to offer campers high-quality, practical features, ranging from storage and lounging/sleeping arrangements to camping equipment for outdoors. some of features you can expect include satin Santiago fabric or satin Lugano leather in a choice of beige or black, yacht-style flooring, black piano-lacquer elements, interior LED lighting, a kitchenette with cupboard modules, sink, gas burners and refrigerator, generous storage compartment, built-in wardrobe, and a folding table with scratch resistant surface for up to four persons. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Marco Polo Camper Van, Book Opens Late July In Germany

Marchi Mobile Van Luxury Camper – the eleMMent

Marchi Mobile eleMMent 900x470px
Marchi Mobile Van Luxury Camper – eleMMent | US$tba | www.marchi-mobile.com

the fact that the front end of this luxury camper van reminisces of a smashed bug’s head doesn’t bothers us a bit. ugly to some, but futuristic to us. while the Mongolian duo may have their ultimate in off-road luxury when hunting, you can have your very own luxury on wheels for an undisclosed amount of money. which we shall not delve into how much it would cost anyway. the luxury camper van you see here is more like an Airbus Beluga on the road. though it can’t swallow Airbus A380 parts but it certainly has enough amenities to impress. within this sleek body are amenities like mini kitchen for whipping up some tantalizing meals while on the road, an integrated communication and navigation system to assist you in finding your way, and mandatory entertainment equipment like the 40-inch satellite-capable TV and Internet connectivity to ensure that you are still in touch with the rest of the world when on the move. though, there’s no mention on how the Internet connectivity will come about. perhaps, via satellite? Continue reading Marchi Mobile Van Luxury Camper – the eleMMent

LEGO Volkswagen Camper Van to be available this Fall

LEGO Volkswagen Camper Van 544x338px
(credit: LEGO) LEGO Volkswagen Camper Van #10220 | US$99.99 | www.lego.com

there is something for hippie wannabe to rejoice this Fall. LEGO has recreated the T1 Camper Van from the 1962 complete with iconic pop-top camper option. if you know LEGO bricks, you will appreciate the challenge LEGO designer has to face in creating the appearance of a much rounded vehicle using the predominantly squarish blocks. in anyway, they did it and the result is this 1,322 pieces set complete with the legendary flat-four (aka known as boxer) engine squeezed in between the rear axle. well, that’s just half of the story. Continue reading LEGO Volkswagen Camper Van to be available this Fall