Jackfish Survival Covers Your Survival Needs In And Outside The Wild

The odds of you needing credit cards when you are surviving the wild are next to zero, but that does not make Jackfish Survival’s proposal of a survival credit card holder any less attractive. On the contrary, it couldn’t be more appropriate cos’ credit cards are what you need to get through the concrete jungle, […]

Apparel by PW Made a Minimalistic Wallet That Can Actually Keep Cash without Folding

Not everyone can live with folding cash, which happens to be a must-do thing if you use a minimalistic wallet, but not with the Minimalistic Handcrafted Slim Wallet by Boston-based Apparel by PW. This wallet is not about to join the who’s who is smallest race. Rather, it rethinks what a regular folk needs in […]

Cascade Wallet: An Exceedingly Sleek Wallet That Lets You Retrieve Your Cards In (Cascading) Style

If your everyday financial transactions revolve around plastic cards, be it credit or loyalty or whatever, then you will want to be able to retrieve the cards swiftly. If so, we think the Cascade Wallet is the card-centric wallet for you. It sports an aluminum unibody design that is not only sleek and durable, but […]

Roland Iten Takes Credit Card Holder To The Next Level of Sophistication and Luxury

If the simple act of pulling credit cards out of your wallet is considered mundane to you, then we think you may be in need of something a little fancier. Something that goes beyond leather and card slots, something like the Roland Iten RCD82 Mark II Credit Card Case. Other than the name ‘Roland Iten’, […]

KILLSPENCER Card Carrier Provides You with a Stylish Way of Carrying Cards with your iPhone 6

if you one) you depend on cards for your daily survival and two) hate to mar your iPhone 6 ultra thin profile, then we think the Card Carrier for iPhone 6 by KILLSPENCER might be the accessory worthy of your consideration. the Card Carrier is essentially a combination of a decal made from real wood […]