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Google’s New Hardware Wants To Create Meetings Without Bounds

Google reaches is far and wide. Its hardware has crept into homes and now it is reinforcing its hardware and software presence in offices too with the help of a few designed by Google hardware. The Hangouts Meet Hardware, as it is called, comprises of four components: three Google hardware including a touchscreen controller, a speaker microphone and a 4K sensor camera, and finally rounding with an ASUS Chromebox completing the setup. Continue reading Google’s New Hardware Wants To Create Meetings Without Bounds

Belkin LiveAction Mic

Belkin LiveAction Mic
(photos: Photojojo) Belkin LiveAction Mic | US$40.00 | www.belkin.com

some swear by the awesome videography capability of their iPhone 4 (or 4S) but a HD footage does not equate to a good audio sound. this is especially true when you are using it to record interviews, cos’ the last thing you want is to push the phone a inch too close to your interviewee’s face. that’s where the Belkin LiveAction Mic comes in. it is a miniature boom mic that attaches to your iPhone’s audio jack that offers two mode of sound recording: directional and super-directional. the former captures multi-layered sound typical of concerts and live events, while the latter allows you to record lectures and memos with optimal clarity. Continue reading Belkin LiveAction Mic