Zeus Handy Tool Is Actually A Toolbox That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Whether you are a handyman by profession or just a regular DIYer, you probably would have amassed an uncountable number of tools. Of which, some were regrettably destined for one-time use. So, do you actually need a whole box of tools when we are out dealing with your daily fixing jobs? Probably. Cos’ you never […]

Handsome Carbon Fiber Cassette Puts Four Screwdrivers Of Your Choosing In Your Pocket

Screwdriver ranks among the most used tools. Almost everything that needs to be fixed, needs a screwdriver. However, there are so many types of bit out there that we often can’t do a simple wife-assigned task without lugging the whole damn toolbox. With the Cassette Carbon Fiber Multi-Tool, it kind of solves this. Granted, it […]

TUSK Survival Knife Also Packs Multi-tool For More Survival Options

A knife should not qualify as a survival knife if all it does is to cut. It should be able to do more, like splitting wood when there’s no axe at your disposal, start a fire, chopping and hammering, and maybe even do some wrenching job when situation calls for it. If those are the […]

Who Would Have Thought Crocodile’s Silhouette Could Make an Ideal Multi-tool?

It is obvious crocodile has nothing in common with multi-tools, but who would have thought it has a silhouette perfect for a multi-tool with no less than eight functionalities? At least, we didn’t. Anywho, if you love carabiner and/or adore the convenience of pocket-size multi-tool, then we think you may fancy the Crocobiner Multi-tool Carabiner. […]

This Smaller-Than-Finger Titanium Multi-Tool is also a Zipper Pull Too

Imagine having a bottle of cold booze, but no bottle opener. The clock is ticking as you frantically search for something to pry open the rapidly cooling-to-ambient-temperature-beverage. While most men may choose to live with such anxiety (and ambient temperature booze), one Bostonian by the name of Flavio Pellegrino is not about to let the […]

This Vintage Multiblade Folding Knife Packs 100 Tools, Including a Functional .22 Caliber Revolver

When we talked about folding knife or Swiss Army knife, the image of a pocketable knife conjures up, but not in the case of the Multiblade Folding Knife. Hailed as the “Mother of all Swiss Arm knives,” this thing is a monster in the foldable knives’ world, both in terms of sheer size and number […]

Coleman Multi-tool Lighter is a Windproof Mini-Torch Slapped with Four Other Functions

Depending on your life’s adventures, a lighter and multi-tools may be considered essentials, and if so, you will be delighted by American camping gear specialist Coleman’s new Multi-tool Lighter. The product name pretty much speaks for itself. This pocketable camping gadget is built around a flip-top, windproof mini-torch (refillable, we would imagine) and features a […]

These Formal Wear Accessories are also Multi-tools, Will Make You Look Like a Suave Handyman

What do multi-tools have to do with men’s fashion? Absolutely nothing, well, that’s until now. Meet Swagger Toolbox, a 10-functional multi-tool set hidden away in men’s formal attire essentials including cufflinks, collar stays and tie clasp. Who would have thought those things could do something else other than what they are suppose to do? We […]

Leatherman Rev Multi-tool Puts a Toolbox in Your Hand

We do a lot of silly things in life and that includes digging through our massive toolbox for a screwdriver for a simple screwing job. Worst. That Phillips screwdriver may be buried deep down, weighed down by loads of other tools. One. Simple. Job. Seem like not worth the effort, I mean, digging for a […]

Handsome Pen-style BitzBlade Multi-tool comes with a Miniature Survival Knife Blade and Window Punch

So you have your toolbox, but we bet it is stashed somewhere where it is not as conveniently accessible. By not ‘conveniently accessible’, we meant to say it would be hassle just to retrieve a screwdriver for a simple job. This is why there are multi-tools that you can keep by your side, so you […]