Check Out These Insanely Realistic Non-firing Toy Replica Model Guns From Goat Guns

Forget about Second Amendment. If you love guns, but fear the worst that could come from real firearms, Utah-based Goat Guns is here to fill your deepest desire to own guns without the insecurity. Goat Guns started producing scale model guns that appeared in first person shooter (FPS) video games, but it soon grow to […]

This 1:25 Scale Classic Ford Escort Model Will Likely Fetch Way More Than A Real Mustang

There are very expensive collectible scale models and there is scale model that costs more to make than any other scale model cars we have seen to date. The 1:25 scale Classic Ford Escort made by Russell Lord, a professional jeweler who has a burning passion for Ford Escort, is one the latter. Obviously, this […]

The Details On This #32 Jordan 191 F1 Car Scale Model Is Unreal!

You know ACME Trading Company? No? Well, let us bring you up to speed. ACME Trading Company makes diecast scale model cars, in addition to selling other brands diecast collectibles. That’s all you need to know, really. Generally, their products and those that they stock are quite reasonably priced. But once in the while, it […]

Bandai RG Unicorn Gundam In Gold Set To Go On Sale On August 10

Well, it looks like the granddaddy of mecha, Gundam, is set to dazzle fans with some bling. Marking the 1st anniversary of the Gundam Base Tokyo opening, Bandai will be offering a RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam in gold coating. Now, don’t get too excited over the gold coating cos’ it is just gold coating (basically, […]

Theo Jansen’s Majestic Strandbeest Now A Model Kit You Can Build

I am sure you have seen videos of the majestic kinetic sculpture called Strandbeest combing the beach. Through clever mechanical linkages, Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest is moved by the power of the wind. It is a super cool man-made object that we can only watch in admiration, well, not anymore. Now, you can build your own […]

Sadly, This Wooden Honda Motocompo Is Not A Real Scooter

When I first laid eyes on the Lasercompo, I was completely smitten. I was thinking, “damn, this all-wood bike is crazy awesome. Is it even real?” Well, alas, it isn’t. I mean. It is real, but only as a scale model kit or 1/6th scale, to be precise. Bugger. At least it isn’t a concept. […]

Machination Studio’s New Light Walker Scale Model Is On Kickstarter

The Singaporean man with the thing for mechanized dieselpunk walking tank scale model is back. This time Michael Sng is bringing a new model called Codename Colossus M1A2 Light Walker Squad Leader ver. The new model is, as expected, very dieselpunk-ish, featuring a hexapod design with a lightly armored body. As with previous Machination Studio’s […]

The Details That Went Into This Paper Airplane Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind!

There are people who makes scale models and then there is Luca Laconi-Stewart. Luca also makes scaled model, but the scale model he has been working on over the last ten years is unlike what you have known thus far. It is a paper airplane, but not the few folds kind of paper airplane that […]

You Really Need To See This New Breed Of Mechanical Toy That Walks

If you are fascinated by all-thing Steampunk, I am very, very sure you will be intrigued by the Schnauzer Armored Walker Walking Tank Scale Model. Coming from Singapore-based Michael Sng’s Machination Studio, this 21 cm (8 ¼) mechanized “Dieselpunk” walking tank scale model is part of the world of Codename Colossus and the first Colossus […]