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Automotive-inspired Suspension System Prevents This High-tech Umbrella From Flipping Inside Out

If you live in a region where umbrella is part and parcel of your life, you will want one that last. Just think about how many umbrellas you have ditched because they failed you. This is where Cypress Umbrella by Vancouver-based startup Hedgehog Products wants to make a difference: it wants to be the last umbrella you will ever buy. How so? By putting real engineering into a seemingly mundane tool, including putting it thru brutal wind tests and the result is a brolly that boasts several industry-first features, including an automotive-inspired rib suspension system that affords each rib to flex independently against the frame, thus allowing trapped air to escape and not put the umbrella under undue stress that would otherwise result in it turning inside out. Continue reading Automotive-inspired Suspension System Prevents This High-tech Umbrella From Flipping Inside Out

This Brilliant Concept Umbrella Bids Farewell to Stolen Umbrellas

Count the objects you have lost in life so far and I am sure umbrella ranks high up in the list. I don’t have this problem, though. Mainly because I carry a foldable that slips in my messenger, but for everyone else who opt for a full size brolly, the odds of it mysteriously disappear is pretty high. Whether it was coaxed away by a friendly stranger, or was mis-identified by a wrong owner who lead it away anyways, it doesn’t matter because this concept umbrella, aptly called Umbrellocked, aims to end this age-old woe once and for all. Continue reading This Brilliant Concept Umbrella Bids Farewell to Stolen Umbrellas

This Umbrella with High-Tech Fabric Can Block 99% of the Harmful UV Rays

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there will be an estimated 73,870 new cases of melanoma, a type of skin cancer, diagnosed in 2015 and for men who shun umbrellas, you’d piss your pants knowing that 60 percent of those will be men. The number is probably derived from the fact that most men don’t carry umbrella, be it rain or shine. And even if you do carry a brolly, it may not keep you out of harm’s way. That’s the problem which San Francisco Blue Jean Umbrella aims to solve. Well, not the part where majority of the men chose not to carry umbrella though. The San Francisco Umbrella Company’s latest product touts itself as a high-tech umbrella with the use of a tech-forward fabric known as Sunbrella that not only repels rain, but also blocks up to 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and is endorsed by the American Cancer Society. Continue reading This Umbrella with High-Tech Fabric Can Block 99% of the Harmful UV Rays

KAZbrella Opens Inside Out, Wants You to Bid Farewell to Wet Floor

Since the invention of steel-ribbed umbrella over two hundred years ago, it has not change a lot. The umbrella is still the umbrella you and I know; it opens out and upward, forming a dome that shields us from the rain. It works just fine, though not without a couple of irksome issues: it drips wet all over the shop after going under the rain and it is not exactly the best way to enter or get out of a vehicle without getting substantially wet. The latter always played out as a fight between man and umbrella, trying to get into the car with minimal contact with the water and when that struggle is over, there is a soaking wet umbrella inside the car to deal with for the rest of the journey. Those are two age-old problem which KAZbrella reverse folding umbrella aims to eliminate. Continue reading KAZbrella Opens Inside Out, Wants You to Bid Farewell to Wet Floor

UnBRELLA Upside Down Umbrella

no. the UnBRELLA Upside Down Umbrella is not an umbrella that have just met with a terrible storm – it is intentionally designed to be inverted, hence the name. you could say the UnBRELLA is sort of a revolution in umbrella design because it actually takes a stab at two pesky problems associated with traditional umbrellas, which like most things in life, remains largely unchanged for decades. it opens like a regular umbrella, but instead of having the canopy opening upwards, the inverted design has it opening downwards. this is the single most important part of the equation that offers two advantages. Continue reading UnBRELLA Upside Down Umbrella

Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella – need i say more?

Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella 544x688px
(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella | £20.00 | www.suck.uk.com

i guess i don’t need to detail much as the name of this latest product from Suck UK says it all. doesn’t it? it is your run-of-the-mill brolly with a little touch of magic. well, not exactly. this predominantly black umbrella has print of little droplets that are white when dry, and magically turns into colored water droplets when contact with water. actually, not really that ‘magically’ per say as these droplets are printed with special ink that lets them do this pretty neat trick. so perhaps, it is time for man folks to pick up a brolly again – until someone comes up with a color changing raincoat – plus, it cost just £20 (about US$32) a pop. Continue reading Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella – need i say more?

Thanko’s Fanbrella – an umbrella that also blows you cool

Thanko Fanbrella 544x488px
(credit: Thanko) Fanbrella | ¥3,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

what did i said about Thanko being the reigning kind of the weird and wacky? well, here’s yet another one to add to list – the Fanbrella. as the name suggest, its primarily duty is an umbrella, shielding you from the elements but when the weather gets to too hot, you can always switch on the battery-operated integrated fan under the umbrella to help ease the heat. Continue reading Thanko’s Fanbrella – an umbrella that also blows you cool

stop poking your fellow pedestrians with BLUNT umbrella

BLUNT Umbrellas 544x288px
(credit: BLUNT) BLUNT Umbrella | from US$75.00 | www.bluntumbrellas.com

people who uses umbrella will be familiar with either accidental poking or being poked by other users, especially in a crowded street. we are not talking about Facebook’s poking but real stabs that may otherwise blind a person. thank goodness that there are Blunt umbrellas that has blunt tips that “evenly distribute the outward force along the edge of the canopy”, plus preventing users from hurting each other. seriously, this should be the standard for umbrellas. price for BLUNT umbrella starts from $75 and are available via BLUNT web store.

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Pasotti: luxuriously shielding yourself from the elements

Pasotti Umbrellas 544x368px
(image credit: Pasotti) Pasotti Umbrellas | from US$280.00 | www.pasottiombrelli.com

as you would have expected, everything that we use in our everyday life has a luxurious version. case in point: the Pasotti umbrellas. handmade by the Italian firm, Pasotti, these umbrellas are crafted from the finest materials known to man. with jargons like “double cloth system stretch over the frame” and items like silver or gold ring to hold the brolly together when the umbrella is collapsed (as opposed to the common fabric and velcro catch combo), you know it’s going to be one hell of a luxurious umbrella. completing the shield of luxury are fabric topped with hand-stitched Swarovski crystals and matching crystals on the handle, which is also done by hand.

in case, you need more than just umbrellas, Pasotti has other item of luxury, including walking sticks adorned with silverware, parasols, less ostentatious umbrellas for man, garden umbrellas and rain hats. there’s even a rain hat that’s adorned with Swarovski crystals. i know you rich folks out there are going to dig these. the umbrellas price ranges from $280 and up. is money spilling out of your wallet/purse? then check out these exquisite pieces from Pasotti here.

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Pasotti Umbrellas image1 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image2 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image3 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image4 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image5 600x400px

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