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fancy a robot to knot up your tie? Why Knot? does just that

Why Knot? tie-tying machine video screenshot 544x311px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

i hate tying ties as much as i hate clipping my nails. often, i wish somebody would invent something to tackle these simple yet frustrating chores. thank goodness for people like Seth Goldstein, who must have shared the same perspective as myself, designed and built a machine that solve this seemingly minute issue. the machine, aptly named ‘Why Knot?’, looks more complicated than it is to knot up a tie but it certainly works beautifully. hmmm, did i see a bicycle sprocket, chain and pedal there? very intriguing and applaudable project. Continue reading fancy a robot to knot up your tie? Why Knot? does just that

what’s a beetle, Darth Vader has in common with Volkswagen?

Volkswagen Commercial Spot #1 screenshot 544x306px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

there are no better ways to make your statement through commercial spots, especially when it will be featured in the most-watched sports mega event in the US. Volkswagen, for one, wouldn’t miss this chance and has two fun and humorous spots to show off this football season.

the first spot features a kid costumed up in Darth Vader, trying to exert his force on anything that moves and anything that doesn’t. unfortunately, he can’t even move a sandwich without Mum’s help (check out his resentment, it’s funny!) but then he discover he might not be all so ‘force-less’ when he ‘force’ start the all-new 2012 Passat, well, not really but it’s actually the remote start feature of the 2012 Passat that the Dad gladly used to give him some hope. coupled with the memorable Star Wars soundtrack which builds up the mood as little Vader goes around the house (yea, no Death Star here) trying to execute his force on the dog, the washing machine, among the many other objects, without success.

Volkswagen Commercial Spot #2 screenshot 544x292px

the second spot is my personal favorite. there’s no better way to introduce the 21st century new beetle than using a, say, the bug itself. spotting a double stripe racing down its back, the animated bug races through the insect kingdom, overtaking slower fellow bugs, drifting and sliding down along the route as it makes its way down the dirt track – all these actions complete with carefully-timed slow-motion takes, and an excellent adrenalin-pumping soundtrack to boot. check out the videos after the jump.

via designTaxi

contact-less charging would be perfect for world of EV

HaloIPT Wireless Charging Sytem img1 544x311px
(image credit: HaloIPT)

our recent post on Blink Network of EV charging stations prompted us to wish for a wireless or contact-less charging alternative in the market. not that we own any of those EVs at this moment but the prospect of handling high current electricity scares us off (we are simply afraid of electricity except for those we use in the house). contact-less charging for small gadgets is already a reality, so why shouldn’t it be adapted for EV? our wish has been answered in the form of HaloIPT‘s Inductive Power Transfer or IPT. Continue reading contact-less charging would be perfect for world of EV

autonomous robot car available for purchase in Japan

ZMP Robot Electric Car 544px
(image credit: ZMP RoboCar MEV) ZMP Electric Robot Car | from ¥2.8 million

this is amazing. a real working autonomous robot car that money can buy. announced recently by ZMP – who are not new to electric robot car – this new generation single-seater robot car has a newly developed autonomous system. the ZMP Robot Electric car is capable of driving itself with the help from stereo camera, inertial measurement unit or IMU, speed sensor and of course, laser range finders. Continue reading autonomous robot car available for purchase in Japan

BMW burns their brand name into your retinas

BMW ad screenshot 544px
(credit: screenshot by mike from YouTube video)

big corporates has tried variety of ways to instill brand loyalty in consumers. one of the commonly used tool is advertisement. probably that isn’t good enough for BMW, now it has decided that they should imprint their brand name into our mind by burning them into our retinas. Continue reading BMW burns their brand name into your retinas

unboxing video turns nasty – ninjas start jumping out of the video!

Ninja Unboxing 2 screenshot 544px
(credit: screenshot of YouTube page)

to be honest, i didn’t expect this. when i first saw the title, i thought cool, some new toy ninja being unboxed but it turns out to be more than that when the ninjas start to fight each other in the video, and out of the video, onto the (web)page itself. awesome! don’t get what i was saying? check out the video here. tell me you are impressed.

try replaying over a few times, it has a different ending each time the video is played. this gotta be the best video ever. totally cool.

PS: while you’re at it, check out the earlier video, entitled Ninja Unboxing (for Google Nexus One). it’s a pretty cool clip even though the ninjas don’t pop out of the video like this one did.


you can’t buy this awesome looking TRON-inspired Skatecycle

Alon Karpman Tron Skatecycle 544px
(credit: screenshot from YouTube Video)

another fan-made TRON-inspired item. this time round, its the Skatecycle – not the Lightcycle – but you can consider it as miniature Lightcycle look-alike, except that you don’t ride on it but rather, you step on them. being a fan of the movie TRON, Alon Karpman, creator of the Freerider Skatecycle, created this one-off TRON Skatecycle based on his original creation. Continue reading you can’t buy this awesome looking TRON-inspired Skatecycle

want some Kinetic Art of your own? Space Warp 10000 does that

Bandai Space Warp 10000 544px
(image credit: Japan Gadgets Shop) Space Warp 10000 | US$155.00 | www.japangadgetshop.com

if you are impressed with the kinetic art by Chris Burden’s Metropolis II and inspired to do the same but don’t know where to begin with, then check out the Space Warp 10000 from the Japanese toy maker, Bandai. well, maybe Space Warp don’t have 1200 die-cast cars and is puny compared to Chris’s art piece but it’s a start, right? based on the original toy in the 80s, the Space Warp 10000 uses kinetic energy to get the marbles going down a roller coaster ride. yes, it’s marbles not cars. Continue reading want some Kinetic Art of your own? Space Warp 10000 does that

city of tracks for 1200 Hot Wheels: Chris Burden’s Metropolis

Chris Burden Metropolis II - Kinectic Art overview

(screenshots by mike from Chris Burden Metropolis 2 video)

Hot Wheels toy has come a long way. i used to collect them, specifically the Volkswagen Mini Buses and Drag Buses, and some Red Line series items. naturally, i sprung up straight on my chair and get all excited when i came across this fully-automated tracks that has 1,200 of this tiny die-casts whizzing around in roller coaster ride – over and over again. Continue reading city of tracks for 1200 Hot Wheels: Chris Burden’s Metropolis