if you appreciate life and all the good things that come with it, this is the blog for you. this blog is where gadgets, technology and lifestyle collides. things that are intriguing, things that are cool and things that makes life easier and fun, will be here. we don’t just grab news. we do it selectively. we streamlined the news, edit and present to you in our own perspectives. and most importantly, we present them together with awesome images whenever possible. sounds cool? then bookmark this blog, subscribed to our feeds, connect with us via Facebook and Twitter, or hook up with us on Google+, and basically, never stop coming back. we are pretty sure we will have something to quench your thirst for tech, gadgets and lifestyle.

currently, we are a tiny team. but hey, we are new and strictly speaking, we only started in July 2010. by humans age, we are just a toddler. though new with this ‘web magazine’ thing, we are not new to blogging and technology. we always have been eager followers of technology and we are absolutely passionate about what we do and for that, we strive to do it pretty damn well. and oh, we don’t promised a number of post per day because, if there are news or new products to be featured, it will be it – be it its just one or ten. speaking of which, if you have something that we haven’t featured and want to see it here, head over to our TIP US page and drop us a hat tip.

as much as we love to shout about tech lifestyle products, we will also be thrilled if you could shout out about us too. so, if you like what you see, then may we ask you to share this love with your social circle too. and oh, we are freaks who are totally obsessed with presentation and as such, we have prepared some MIKESHOUTS ‘branding’ logos for you to link to us if you need them, which you can further down this page. feel free to use them, abuse them, or whatever, as you see fits.

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