OUMOS: A Suitcase Like You Never Seen Before

Suitcases. Putting aside the features and tech, if any, they look pretty much the same as far as form goes. It is always the familiar oblong form. But not OUMOS. It is a suitcase like you have never seen before. Instead of the usual oblong form, it takes on a monolith form. I know, the …

Blue Reflex Helmet Tote By Dingyun Zhang: Well, It Is A Bag, And It Is, Ermmm, Wearable?

If a tote bag is burdening your one shoulder, you can consider switching shoulder, or you could try carrying it as a backpack, or perhaps even wearing it over your head. Oh, your tote bag can’t do that? Well, this one can. Folks, meet the Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang.

Behold! The Irregular Choice X Transformers Heels And Bags!

Many of us are already familiar with Irregular Choice, the brand known for seamlessly blending nostalgic pop culture icons like Star Wars and Care Bears into their footwear and bags. Their collaborations never seem to end, and the next one is sure to excite Transformers fans. That’s right, folks, Irregular Choice is teaming up with …

Bettinardi Golf x G.I. Joe “A Real American Hero” Inovai 6.0 Limited Run Putter And Other Goif Collection

Introducing the Bettinardi x G.I. Joe INOVAI 6.0 putter – the ultimate golf weapon with a dose of patriotic flair! It’s got a stainless steel front piece with more stars than G.I. Joe‘s General Hawk and a back piece that’s as American as apple pie.

Bottega Veneta The Small Brown Bag Is Inspired By A Brown Paper Bag

Want to spend a lot of money on a designer handbag but don’t want to appear too lavish? Well, if you do, the Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has just the bag for you. Folks, meet The Small Brown Bag. Thanks to the Kraft color, The Small Brown Bag looks like any regular old …

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