The Back9 Golf Backpack: You Can Finally have A Golf Bag That Is Actually A Backpack!

One of the issues with golfing is that you need a car with a trunk big enough to fit a standard size golf bag. One of my previous cars, a Renault Clio from 2000, can’t without putting down the split-fold seat. But that’s a problem to brood about if you drive. If you don’t (drive), …

The Batman x Fossil Collection: Wrist Watches, Bags, And More

I don’t recall if any of the Batman movies were this enthusiastic about pushing merchandise. But as far as Matt Reeves’ The Batman goes, it is relentless in pushing out The Batman-branded merchandise. Just look at the collectibles, toys, and timepieces, it has announced so far. They are a lot by any movies’ standard, IMHO.

LOEWE Revealed New Spirited Away Capsule Collection

Good news super fans of Studio Ghibli with a boatload of money to drop. LMVH-owned Spanish luxury fashion house, LOEWE (not to be confused with German high-end electronics goods maker, Loewe Technology), has teamed up with Japanese animation film studio Studio Ghibli to release a delightful collection of designer goods based on the studio’s classic …

FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack: Perfect For Roaming The Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Hong Kong-based bag maker FX Creations has given its high-tech AGS Pro backpack the Evangelion spin. Part of the greater Evangelion x FX Creations Collection, the FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack features details that reference the armors that restraint the true nature of the EVA Unit-01 (read: super cool).

Targus Cypress Hero Backpack Has Integrated Tracker, Uses Apple Find My Technology

I never understand how anyone could misplace a big thing like a backpack. But hey, things happen and if it does happen, it would be easy to trace where it is – if the bag in question is the Targus Cypress Hero Backpack with Apple Find My Tech.

SuperCarrier 2.0 Is An Eco-bag For Those Who Are Serious About The Environment And Groceries

Bringing your own bag on your daily grocery run is nothing new. Most eco-conscious folk would have a few eco-bags. While the SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag by Ultix Outdoors here looks to be yet another eco-bag that is extremely stylish, it is actually more than just a bag.