Disk Storage Is Making A Comeback But It Is Not What You Think It Is

As the digital world advances, the demand for reliable and affordable storage increases. But consumers aren’t the ones who demand more bytes, it is the commercial sector that requires more bytes for archival purposes. That said, the advancing world is in dire need of a quicker and larger storage solution. Enters Folio Photonics.

Boston Dynamics Atlas Brings A Tool Bag To A Person Working On Top Of A Scaffold

Boston Dynamics Atlas, the bipedal humanoid, has come a long way. From the basics of walking on two, it has been taught to let itself out by opening the door, and for the longest time, it has been perfecting its parkour skills. Now, the humanoid has finally been taught a new set of skills.

I “Interviewed” ChatGPT And Here’s What It Has To Say

Artificial intelligence is a term that has been misused over the past decade, IMHO. The words have been thrown around a lot with consumer electronics that, upon using the gadgets, it make you wonder “where’s the AI?” Then last year, OpenAI founded by a bunch of dudes in 2015, including maverick entrepreneur Elon Musk, launches …

GAIT-TECH Insole Tech Wants To Relieve The Pain Of Wearing Stilettos

Wearing high-heel shoes is like being a Formula 1 race car driver. Beyond the glitz and glamor, there is the sweat and pain. As far as heels go, they can be painful to wear and that’s not to mention that they can be damaging to your feet with prolonged wear over many years. Enters GAIT-TECH.

ViraWarn Electronic On-The-Go COVID-19 & RSV Tester: Just Blow Into It

It has been nearly three years since COVID-19 hits and a little under three years since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. And it ain’t over still. Ugh. However, life still has to go on. The key is to limit the spread while we are going about our regular routines. One of the ways is to …

Watch Ornithopter Bot-Bird Made Successful Perches

I think biomimicry for a bird is clearly more challenging than, say, land or water-based animals. Why? Because in addition to making it fly like a bird and perhaps look like one with feathers and all to blend in with the real birds, it has to land like one too. Well, you know what? Landing …