South Korean Professor Invented Self-driving Car Way Back In The 1990s

Self-driving car are the buzzwords in recent years, but do you know, a South Korea professor had developed self-driving technologies in 1990s, long before South Korean automakers knew how to make good cars (I had a Hyundai Accent in the 90s, btw, and it was… ugh).

Boston Dynamics Show Off Prototype Warehouse Robot Called Stretch

Boston Dynamics has not been making real sales until recently (and only after it has changed a couple of owners). We have not hit up their website for awhile and now that we did, we noticed something. It has moved in-development robot to research and laid to rest, so-to-speak, a bunch of previous endeavors.

MIT Research Reveals That Vaccination By Inhalation Can Boost Immune Responses To Respiratory Infections

Here’s an exciting development in the field of medical science. MIT researchers has carried out a study on vaccination by inhalation, a process in which vaccines are directly deliver to the lungs.

Holy Mother Of… Smartphone Can Decipher The Shape Of A House Key

I’ll be damned if this actually works. Wait. It actually worked. What you about to hear is something rather disturbing. Researchers at National University of Singapore (NUS) have recently published a study on acoustic cryptanalysis, applied to house keys.

Shirt That Harvests And Stores Energy From Human Body Could Be Used To Power Electronic Devices

Well, what do you know? It turns out, not only our wrist is good for powering a smartwatch; the entire body is a giant-ass battery too. Scientists over at the University of California – San Diego has developed a shirt that harvests and stores energy from the human body which can then be used to …

Mars Rover Perseverance Sends Back Panoramic Views Captured By Mastcam-Z

It is too early to say we have learned anything about the Red Planet, but for a start, we have got the first panoramic views to marvel at. What you see here is the first 360-degree panorama taken by Perseverance’s zoomable pair of cameras called Mastcam-Z.

Experts Have No Idea Why This King Penguin On South Georgia Island Is Yellow

What you see here are images of a rare yellow penguin. Wildlife photographer Yves Adams captured these images on a remote island in South Georgia. While the photographs were taken back in December 2019, Adams have only recently release the images.