First It Was A Fork, Now These Chopsticks Want To Add Salty Taste To Your Food Too

Salt adds flavor to food and yet too much of it is bad for health and may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, among other things. The key is, well, moderation but for people who can’t consume salt at all, there’s the Electro Fork that uses electric shock to simulate salty taste …

Here’s A Real Working Invisibility Shield Money Can Buy

The invisibility cloak we saw a few years ago is now available to buy. There is a catch, though. It is not the patented, made-for-warzones technology by Hyperstealth Biotechnology. This one here, simply called Invisibility Shield, is from a British startup called, well, Invisibility Shield Co. and it is definitely not made for warzones.

A Quick Rundown Of The Difference Between SLD And LD Light

Lighting is a vital factor for commercial and personal reasons alike. However, lighting has come a long way since its incandescent days, and customers are now presented with a wide range of lighting options for almost any requirement imaginable. Nevertheless, with all of these choices comes the inevitable question, what should you choose? This post …

Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat: Squat To Be Seated

The wearable chair offers much-needed relief for workers who need to work standing for hours on end. The Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat by Camille Ringebach you see here is a low-tech solution that also serves a similar purpose but for workers who need to be in an almost squatting position, such as the vineyard workers.

MOVA Globe: By The Power Of Light, It Rotates!

The best decor piece and/or novelty item to own for a person of knowledge is no doubt a globe. You didn’t think that they came up with a globe wine bar because they can. No. Because having a globe makes you look like a knowledgeable person, a person of a certain class, even for an …

Spear Ninox 40 Micro-tactical Drone System: It Can Kill

If you think China’s Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) that is capable of spitting out suicide drones en masse from a Humvee-like vehicle is insane, wait till you hear what Israel’s defense and HLS (that’s homeland security, btw) company Spear did.

We Have A Feeling Haptics Are About To Take Off

It’s fair to say that most people have used a haptic device in some way or another. Derived from the Greek word haptikos, meaning able to hold or grasp, this is the technology that makes your phone, as well as your Sony DualSense controller, vibrate and enhance the overall experience. While the tech is widespread already, …