Bandai Spirits Will Substitute Petroleum-based Plastic For Its Model Kits With LIMEX

Here’s a piece of good news for the environment with regards to plastic and toys. Plastic, while versatile, is detrimental to the environment both during the production process and at their end of lifecycle. LEGO has taken steps by introducing plant-based plastic. Now, Bandai Spirits, in collaboration with TBM, is moving in the same direction.

Researchers Developed Autonomous Robot Fishes That School Together Like Real Fishes

First there was the super tiny robot fish that spies on Zebrafish. Then there were the robotic fish powered by synthetic blood and a robotic fish that assimilate with the fishes. Now, Harvard University has taken robotic fish to the next level with a bunch of robot fishes called Bluebots that does what real fishes […]

You Have Heard Of The Blackest Black, Now Meet The World’s Brightest Pigment

From the artist who made the blackest black material affordable and accessible is LIT!, the world’s glowiest glow pigment. In other words, LIT! is the world’s brightest paint. OK. It is essentially a glow-in-the-dark material, but it is the glowiest in the world.

How Technology Can Prevent Common Car Accidents

Over time, cars are getting more and more upgraded to ensure the safety of their passengers. The latest in car accident prevention technology keeps both drivers and pedestrians safe by controlling the braking, steering, and driving of the vehicle. This article will cover different protection systems in more detail.

This Haptic Feedback VR Glove Will Make Digital Objects In VR World Feel Real

You have already heard how VR can enable designers from the around to world to corroborate. But that was for design where regular VR controllers are suffice. For applications such as training, however, the ability to feel what a user have touched in the Virtual Reality world will greatly boost the realism. Enter SenseGlove Nova […]

This DIY Telepresence Robot Will Turn Its Head As The Other Party Does So

Germany-based maker Lenny3000 who brought us the wearable device that augments the face is back with a self-developed, DIY telepresence robot. Telepresence is not new, obviously. However, Lenny3000’s creation is worth mentioning in this unprecedented time where most of us can’t go visit our family as often as we may have liked.

Japanese Company And Kyoto University Hope To Introduce Wooden Satellite By 2023

Space junk is a growing concern. 60% of the 6,000 satellites orbiting Earth are defunct and they contributed to space junk. Space junk threatens space exploration as well as existing, still functioning satellites. With as many as 990 satellites expected to launched each year over the next decade, low Earth orbit is slowly but surely […]