Here Are Two New [email protected] A Bathing Ape Figures

Super fans of Medicom’s [email protected] and BAPE will want to check out two new collaborative [email protected] figures. The first is the BAPE Chogokin [email protected] 1st camo green/yellow and the other is the [email protected] Karimoku Baby Milo Horizon.

LEGO Ideas The Legendary Concorde: There’s Hope For An Official LEGO Concorde Set!

Remember the stunning Concorde supersonic jet LEGO MOC with over 6,000 pieces? Well, this is not it but The Legendary Concorde by Orbiter88 will be LEGO-loving, aviation fans’ best hope in getting an official LEGO Concorde set.

This Wooden Kit Lets You Build A Wearable Toy That Deploys Weapon Like Iron Man

Realtech proved that wood-made toys could be as fun and as sophisticated. Now, it has proven this point further with a new kit, the ARMPAL Armor-1. This time, instead of an excavator’s arm, it is a wearable toy reminiscent of the Iron Man Mark III suit’s forearm armor with a deployable missile.

I Think The LEGO Speed Champions F&F Dodge Charger R/T Is A Little Too Square

LEGO’s first collaboration with Fast & Furious, Dom’s Dodge Charger, was an accurate representation of the onscreen muscle car. But it ain’t cheap. Thankfully, there is a cheaper alternative: LEGO Speed Champions Fast & Furious Dodge Charger R/T (76912).

2022 Pebble Beach Edition Ferrari Testa Rossa J: 75% Scale TR To Go On The Block

The maker who brought you Bugatti Baby II and Aston Martin DB5 Junior has shrunk yet another automobile icon, the Ferrari Testa Rossa. But this example is no ordinary scaled TR, it is the 2022 Pebble Beach Edition Ferrari Testa Rossa J by The Little Car Company.

Takashi Murakami x UNO Artiste Series: Art In A Deck

UNO, everyone’s favorite card game, has in recent years become “unplayable”. Not because it is bad. It is because it has become a collectible item – thanks to a series of super cool collab UNO cards Mattel has introduced. Speaking of which, yes, there is going to be a new collab UNO, this time, it …

Digital Monster Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Commemorative Wearable LCD Toy

Keeping a virtual pet monster has surely come a long way since Digital Monster aka Digimon was introduced in 1997. For those who don’t know, Digital Monster was like Tamagotchi but more macho. Well, kind of. It was less adorable because you gotta prep your beast for battles with others’ pet monsters. And fighting ain’t …

Bandai Bikkura Tamago x Gundam Bath Salt: It’s Like The Kinder Of Bath Salts

I am sure most of us are familiar with Kinder Surprise aka Kinder Egg aka Kinder Surprise Egg. It is a milk chocolate snack that has a hollow inside that contains, well, a surprise toy. Meanwhile, in Japan, they have a Kinder equivalent for bath salts.

Tomica Evangelion Racing EVA RT Unit 1 Z34 Die-cast Toy Car

The Tomica Nissan Z34 in EVA RT Unit 1 is now joined by, you guessed it, EVA Unit 2. This is the third collaboration product between EVA Racing and Tomy’s popular die-cast toy car line, Tomica, following the Tomica EVA RT Unit 1 Z34 and the Tomica EVA RT Unit 1 GR Supra introduced in …