Bendable Action Figures, Featuring Popular Characters, Are Coming Your Way

Action figure is the best thing to happen to toys. It lets you pose, recreate scenes and whatnot. Basically, it increases playability. But there’s a couple of things that bugs me: ugly joins and unconvincing representation of the character. Enters BendyFigs.

Iconic Apartments From NBC Sitcom Friends Immortalized As LEGO Set

What’s more iconic than Central Perk in NBC’s Friends? Monica and Rachel’s, and Chandler and Joey’s apartments, of course. Being places most seen in series and they do deserve to be immortalized like Central Perk in LEGO bricks. And immortalized in bricks it did with the new LEGO 10292 The Friends Apartments.

Re-live The Frustration With Claw Machine In The Comfort Of Your Home

You know those claw machines? Yeah. The machine that a dad infamously made his child climb inside to retrieve the gift instead of using the claw to pick one? Given the notoriety of claw machines, you will be tempted to do the same, or maybe even destroying it.

Record Breaking 57 Product Ideas Qualify For LEGO Ideas Review Includes A Brilliant, Brick Build Astronaut!

There is a record-breaking 57 LEGO Ideas submissions that have reached 10,000 supporter milestone and therefore qualify for the First 2021 review. TBH, I wouldn’t have notice this news if not for one particular proposed set: LEGO Astronaut by legotruman.

Batman’s Dead Parents Immortalized As Action Figures, Complete With “Blood”

No superheroes’ parents are more famous than Batman’s. Funny how this is true even as Mr. and Mrs. Wayne died in the very beginning of the original story. I guess their death is important as it served as a motivation to young Wayne to come Batman.

Nickelodeon And Snap Anime Turns Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In Mecha Toys

Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may want to know there is a brand new line of TMNT toys coming your way. And it is not what you have expected. ViacomCBS-owned Nickelodeon, license owner of TMNT, has partnered with Snap Anime and HeatBoys to revealed the Snap Anime Alloy Armor Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles