The Trucking Industry Has Been Resilient Against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped almost everything that businesses considered part of normal operations, including in the trucking industry. Once the pandemic hit, social distancing rules were put in place to curb its spread. Since social interaction is a hallmark of the commercial transportation and logistics industry, the different industry players had to look for […]

Because Of The Pandemic, Japanese Funeral Company Is Now Offering “Online Grave Visit”

This global pandemic has forced many activities to be canceled. In light of social distancing, Japanese funeral company Yamagata Funeral Company/Hakuzensha is highlighting its “online grave visit” service.

4 Steps To Being Successful Online

In a competitive job market, highly-qualified students are finding themselves felt by the wayside, unemployed for some time, in their quest to start a career. Even after graduating with an impressive degree, you’ll still find that the market for jobs isn’t as easy to penetrate as you might have hoped – especially since the COVID-19 […]