Netflix Introduces Netflix Games That Includes Two Stranger Things Mobile Game

Over the last two decades, everyone is jumping to grab a piece of the streaming pie and in recent years, some of them want in in gaming too. OK. Maybe it was just Apple and Google (and maybe Samsung). Oh, wait, what? And Netflix too? So, yeah, in case you have been living under the …

Another LEGO Star Wars Video Game Arrives To Apple Arcade

If you feel that the LEGO Star Wars Battles real-time strategy game requires too much planning, there’s another LEGO Star Wars video game for the chill you and yes, it is another Apple Arcade exclusive, called LEGO Star Wars: Castaways. From the game’s name, immediately you know it is going to be fun – if …

Iceland Poked Fun At Metaverse With Hilarious Parody Video, Icelandverse

If you haven’t heard, Facebook, Inc. is now known as Meta Platforms, Inc. Why? Because Mark Zuckerberg and his team are aiming to conquer the metaverse. So what the hell is metaverse? Well, it is a virtual world, much like the one you see in Ready One Player.

Model Kit Building Goes Virtual With Modelist VR Game

The main stumbling block of picking up model kit building is, IMHO, tools, and space. The process of building is not difficult. However, before you can even start, you need at least a few basic tools and if you want the model to look even better, a dedicated space for painting is a must – …

Spider-Man: No Way Home Official Trailer: A Smorgasbord Of Super-Villains

Remember how we commented that the teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home felt more like a full-on trailer than a teaser trailer that it said it is? Well, the recently posted official trailer made us take back our words. Apparently, we ain’t see nothing yet.

New Stranger Things 4 Trailer: Wait, What? Stranger Things Goes To California?

It is more than half a year before the fourth season of Stranger Things will hit Netflix, but Netflix is slowly but surely hyping it up. In fact, the campaign has started as early as May with a teaser.

The Wait Is Over, Jurassic World Evolution 2 Video Game Has Been Released!

It is without a doubt that Claire Dearing did not do a good job in managing the Jurassic World theme park. If you think can do better than her – which I am sure many people do, here’s a chance to prove that you are not just all talk: Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Sony Pictures Shared Official Trailer For Upcoming Antihero Movie Morbius

After letting Marvel have a part in the new Spider-Man franchise, it appears that Sony Pictures’ fate with superhero films is looking up. Everything seems to be smooth sailing after Marvel Studios’ involvement with Sony’s third reboot of the Spider-Man franchise.