ASKA A5 Flying Car Awarded FAA Special Airworthiness Certification

This is AKSA A5, it is another flying that has been awarded a special airworthiness certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct test flights after the Alef Flying Car. TBH. It looks more like an aircraft that is made to roll on the roads than an actual flying car like the Alef.

Alef Flying Car: Finally A Flying Car That Actually Looks Like A Regular Car And Fits Into A Typical Garage

The mention of a flying car, we imagine it to be a vehicle that looks like a regular car but can take to the skies anywhere, anytime. You know, kind of like the flying DeLorean Time Machine or Matt Trakker’s Thunderhawk from M.A.S.K.

Chaise Longue, The Double Deck Economy Seat Concept, Is Very Much Alive

Remember Chaise Longue? The double deck economy seating arrangement that kind of resembles Airbus’ “evil plan” to stack passengers? Well, we have bad news. The dude who started it as a university project has taken it further; Alejandro Núñez Vicente, the brainchild behind this crazy concept, has started a company, aptly called Chaise Longue, to …

Gyroplane Nisus Is The Most Futuristic Gyroplane/Gyrocopter We Have Seen

The Gyroplane Nisus is a personal aircraft that you may have seen online for a few years now. But it is only lately that it has made its appearance in the USA. For those who don’t know, the gyroplane or gyrocopter, which is sometimes called autogyro was first invented by Spaniard Juan de la Cierva …

The Future Of Home Drone Delivery Is A Two-parter That Includes An Autonomous Droid On Winch

While Amazon is just getting into actual deliveries using drones after years of development, testing, and trialing, one little-known company has been doing this for years since 2016. The company is called Zipline. Don’t ask how we did not feature it back when it started. I thought we did too.

Meet Airspeeder Mk4, The World’s First Crewed Flying Racing Car

The promise of a flying car future has not materialized yet. Development has been less than speedy for various reasons, including technology for an efficient, sustainable, and safe flying car. Perhaps that will change with the start of the world’s first crewed flying car race, the Airspeeder Racing Series, in 2024.