Supersonic Skatescooter by Mateusz Sipiora: Strangely Futuristic

When it comes to product designs, we tend to fall back on the norm after a while. Take for example the skatescooter. It is almost always the same ’T’ stem attached to a board design with a pair of wheels. It seems like there isn’t anything to improve on, well, but not if industrial designer, …

Volta Trucks Revealed 7.5- And 12-tonne Volta Zero Electric Trucks

We have seen quite a number of trucks but I have got to say that the Volta Zero from Volta Trucks has got to be the most futuristic yet. It is not just futuristic aesthetically, the technology that drives it is futuristic too. I mean, electric drive is the future, is it not? Even better …

HyperloopTT Wins ‘iF Design Award’ For Its HyperPort Cargo Transport System

Now that Hyperloop has proven that it can carry human passengers safely, I am sure it is good for moving cargo too. Speaking of Hyperloop for cargo, HyperloopTT – one of the few companies taking on the development of this mass transportation system of the future – has just won the prestigious ‘iF Design Award’ …

Urbetter M8: The First Electric Scooter Designed With You And Your Pet In Mind

At this point, the electric scooter is a dime a dozen. Despite it being the case, there isn’t one designed with you and your pet in mind. Well, that’s until now. Folks, meet the Urbetter M8 E-Scooter, a multi-purpose electric scooter for you and your pet, or maybe for groceries (or six-packs) if your pet …

What Are The Best Accessories You Can Buy For An ATV?

If you are an owner of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you know that there is nothing like it when it comes to fun and excitement. It can take you on adventures off the beaten path, and it can also provide you with a lot of entertainment right in your backyard. The high power and torque …

Segway Partnered With Hasbro For Transformers-themed Gokart Pro And Kickscooters

What if, when the Transformers first reach Earth, they decided to disguise themselves as a go-kart or kickscooter? Nah. That’s a ridiculous thought. Meanwhile, in the real world, Transformers will indeed appear as a go-kart and kickscooters – thanks to a collaboration between Segway-Ninebot and Hasbro.

Electric KickScooters Go The Performance Route: Next Stop Salt Flat?

Usually, makers of electric kickscooters strive to create last-mile electric transport with better range and safe. Speed is certainly not the main consideration. Not Segway–Ninebot though. The maker of short-range electric transport is also gunning for speed.

Segway Shredder Kit Will Turn Regular Ninebot S Into An Electric Skateboard

First, there was a kit that will let you turn a Segway miniPRO into a go-kart. Then there was a kit that lets you turn a Ninebot self-balancing Transporter into a battle chariot that shoots water, and now, there is a new kit that will turn Ninebot S Series Self-balancing Transporter into a serious road …

Thor Industries Electric RV Concepts Include A Self-propelled Electric Airstream

The biggest name in the recreational vehicle industry, Thor Industries, has set its sight on adventures powered by electric power starting with the Thor Industries Electric RV Concepts, the Thor Vision Vehicle Concept, and Airstream eStream Concept.

Osaka Metro 400 Series Train Has A Front That Looks Like TIE Fighter’s

Japan was once the leader in train technology. Its metro was pretty advanced for its time but it has since been left behind. Its metro trains still have traditional paper-based advertisements and those annoying paper ads that hang from the overhead handrails. But that is set to change soon with a different kind of train.