IKEA x WSL KÅSEBERGA Collection: Surf Culture-inspired Products

Back in 2019, IKEA and World Surf League (WSL) announced a collaboration. Fast forward to 2022, IKEA and WSL are ready to bring the resulting products of the collaboration to the market.

WESN Marks April 9th As International Knife Sharpening Day

The seldom talked about aspect of owning knives, sharpening, now has its own holiday. Yep. There’s going to be a new holiday and it is called, well, International Knife Sharpening Day. On April 9, it will be the first-ever International Knife Sharpening Day.

FlameCube Thermal Electric Generator Stove

The idea of using fire to produce electricity for your small gadgets when out in the wild is not new. There has been a firepit, as well as a kettle pot and a stove, among the many others, that does that. Here’s another one, called FlameCube from Aishu Inc., China’s answer to Biolite’s line of …

SubSafe 3-piece Sub Sandwich Container: Say Goodbye To Soggy Subs!

A banana holder maybe a little on the frivolous side while a banana protective case is borderline preposterous. Why? Because either product was designed solely for that one fruit. A container designed specifically to keep your sub sandwich safe, however, is not.

Exod Monolith Shelter: Four-season Tent-In-The Air For One

French tent maker responsible for marrying an inflatable exoskeleton tent with a hammock to result in a lightweight, super quick and easy-to-set-up tent that lets you sleep off the ground, away from the creepy crawlies, Exod, is back with a new tent.

Pichi X2 Is A Handy Pocket Tool That Can Deal With Different Sizes Of Bolts And Nuts

Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool is NOT yet another multi-tool. It is rather unusual (in a good way, that is) as a multi-tool and as an everyday carry. Yes, it does cutting, screwing, prying. You know, the usuals. However, it has one more trick up its sleeve that most multi-tools failed to address: bolts …