UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set Will Drop On July 30 For US$20

If the UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set piques your interest, then it is safe to say you are a collector of UNO card set and less of a UNO player. Even if you are avid UNO player who also appreciate art, this latest UNO variation should appeal to you too.

New LEGO Minifigure Blind Bags Features 12 Characters From Marvel Series On Disney+

[Spoiler ahead] Fans of Marvel series on Disney+ will be elated to know that LEGO has revealed its next collectible minifigures set. The LEGO 71031 Minifigures Marvel Studios, as it is officially referred to, contains 12 new minifigures inspired by characters from the first four Marvel series, namely, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, …

Rare Louis Vuitton x Karl Lagerfeld Boxing Gloves and Case From 2014 Is Going Under The Hammer Now

Do you know that Louis Vuitton once had a set of monogram boxing gloves? It did, in 2014. To celebrate the Parisian fashion house 160th anniversary, it collaborated with six artists and designers in 2014 to redefine its iconic monogram.

Mattel’s Hot Wheels Unleashed Video Game Includes TMNT Party Wagon

Unless you are as rich as Jay Leno, chances are you are not going to have a garage full of cars to play with. For most people, die-cast cars like Hot Wheels are their best bet. But wait. You can’t actually get behind the wheel of die-cast cars, can you? Well, actually you can, virtually, …

Take A Look At The Upcoming Jurassic World Evolution 2 Video Game

The fact that Jurassic World Evolution have sold three million copies by March 2020 proved two things: people love dinosaurs and many people think they could do better at managing a dinosaur theme park than those fools over at Masrani Global Corporation.

How To Move From NASCAR To Motocross

Fans of events like NASCAR are always looking for what their next extreme thrill is likely to be. Well, there are few better possibilities than getting into motocross, which is full of thrills and spills. However, if you are used to driving a car, riding a motorbike may seem like a big switch to make. …

Bad Robot Productions’ Mascot Is Now A Premium Action Figure!

What you do you think of the logo of J.J. Abrams’ film and TV production company, Bad Robot Productions? Cute? Wish it could be something you can touch? Well, the answer is yes, then you are in luck because, Bat Robot toy is a thing.